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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Dress To Impress

A Simple Guide For Job Interview Attire

Preparing for a job interview can prove quite nerve wracking.  What shirt should I wear?  Which tie is more appropriate for an interview?  Now you need to find the right shoes, and don't forget about accessories.  I've created a quick guide to help during these stressful situations.
     Let us begin, okay so you have a job interview coming up and want to look your very best.  When going for a job interview, you want to present the best version of yourself, wear a suit for sure.  You're going for class and sophistication not an outing for a summer bbq.  Take it seriously and put in effort, it will show, trust me.  Go with a preferably darker suit, something perhaps dark grey or navy with a white dress or light blue shirt underneath and make sure it is long sleeves even in summer.  Now for the tie!  Choose a tie that doesn't allow too much distraction keep it simple, think business conservative and wear a tie that's plain in color, dark blue, dark red or purple, something more simple & sleek.  Silk ties are a plus.  Dark socks are also an ideal addition to your interview ensemble.  What about accessories?!  Tie accessories are great to work with and create stylish additions that pull your look together.  Tie bars are helpful to ensure your tie stays in it's proper place while showing off your style and sleekness.  You also don't want to be sitting at your job interview nervously fidgeting with your tie.  Lastly, your shoes should be cleaned and polished, showered, clean and smelling fresh.  I recommend getting your outfit ready ahead of time, you don't want to be rushing around trying to quickly get everything together.  Like I said, put forth the effort, it shows the interviewer that you care about the way you present yourself and are serious about future opportunities.  Look your best, have confidence and you got this!


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