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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Solid Colored Suspenders

Suspenders, in one style or another, have been a male accessory for several centuries. The design that people are most familiar with today has been accredited to an 1820 fashion invention by the Englishman, Albert Thurston, whose self named suspender manufacturing firm remains in business to this day. Fifty-one years later in America, a US patent was given to Samuel Clemens, the famous author Mark Twain, for his version of suspenders called Adjustable and Detachable Straps for Garments.

Suspenders, as a clothing staple of the male population, became less popular during World War I when the soldiers wore belts with their uniforms. For the past century suspenders have come and gone as a part of the male wardrobe. Currently, there is a larger revival of suspenders than ever seen before with both men and women wearing this clothing accessory.

In England, suspenders are called Braces, whether they have metal clip endings or buttonhole endings. In America, Suspenders is the name for the straps that have metal clips and Braces is the name used to define the straps that have leather buttonhole endings that attach to buttons sewn into the waistband of trousers. Modern technology has also come to the suspender world with non-metallic clips that allow the wearer to pass through metal detectors used for building and airport security checkpoints. There are also over-sized non-metallic clips that allow someone to wear suspenders secured over a belt.

Solid colored suspenders, in both the X and Y back styles, are being worn everyday for all occasions. Suspenders are available in a variety of fabrics that include silk for business and formal wear and more sturdy materials for heavy duty work and for sports. Suspenders, available in a range of widths from ¾ inch to 2 inches, enable the wearer to dress up or down an outfit to accommodate casual or evening wear. Whatever clothing style an event calls for, there is a pair of solid colored suspenders to enhance the outfit.


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