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Friday, April 25, 2014

The Advantages of Tie & Hanky Sets

A tie is a common part of formal and some casual outfits. Ties are often used to complement a shirt or jacket. They are also chosen in order to express personality in a subtle way. A handkerchief is one of the best ways to accent an outfit especially when it is matched with a tie. This is why sets are now available that include both a hanky and a tie. There are several reasons to choose tie and handkerchief sets.

Always Find a Matching Pair

Ties today come in a wide variety of colors, prints and patterns. There are ties made from fabrics that cannot be found anywhere else. This can actually become a problem when trying to match a tie to a handkerchief. Many traditional handkerchiefs are only available in a few solid colors. Patterned hankies might look completely different. Clashing colors can detract from a suit and a professional appearance. Choosing tie & hanky sets will ensure that there is always a perfectly matched pair for any outfit.

Accent Any Formal Outfit

Finding the right accent for a formal outfit can be difficult. Some accessories like lapel pins can look awkward. Other accents can draw too much attention because of bold shapes or mismatched colors. A simple and fast way to accent any formal outfit is with a complementary tie and hanky that match each other. The tie is a standard part of any suit. The hanky adds a note of formality that does not take away from the overall appearance of a person because it is balanced by the tie. This makes personalizing coats and jackets easier.

Discover Unique Patterns and Color Combinations

Anyone who is buying a tie and a handkerchief separately will be limited when it comes to colors and patterns. Finding two matching pieces can also take a long amount of time. Tie & hanky sets provide a much broader and more distinctive range of styles. There are classic sets available. There are also sets that use unique patterns and prints. Some sets are specifically designed to be complementary and unique. Shopping for these sets can provide some attractive and interesting fashion options.


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