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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Silk Ties Bring A Suit Together

Silk ties are the fashion piece that every man must invest the most thought in. While suits must look fantastic and stand the test of time, ties are the items that make men look their best at work or in the boardroom. Consider what a tie can do for a black suit, but always remember that ties are also the window to the personality of a man.

The Solid Color Tie

Solid color ties greatly offset the color in plain suits because of the striking color contrast they produce. When a man wears a black or blue suit, he can wear a red or yellow tie as an accessory that speaks to his personality. Perhaps his wife's favorite color is red. Perhaps his daughter picked out the yellow tie that morning. If the tie has a story behind it, it speaks to who the man is more than his suit.

The Pattern Tie

Pattern ties are wonderful for men who prefer complexity in their suits. The gentleman who wears suits every day may tire of the same white shirt and flat color suit. The choice of a pattern tie helps men to show off a part of their personality that they may not show at work. The whimsical man who works in management cannot be whimsical with his employees. However, his employees will see a whimsical tie and know that he his much more than the performance reports that he writes every day.

The Seasonal Tie

Men who have a wild sense of humor will enjoy seasonal ties because they go right along with the holidays everyone is celebrating. A Christmas tie that plays carols is much more exciting than a red and green tie. An Easter tie featuring the Easter bunny is more fun than wearing pink or purple. Men with kids can appease their children and get into the spirit of the holiday with a seasonal tie.

Men choose their ties for many reasons, but ties are still what show off something about a man's personality that people may not see otherwise. With the right ties, every man can look his best and let people know that he is much more than his implied stern demeanor.


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