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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cufflinks For The Sake Of Fashion

Cufflinks are a statement piece for men who want to look their best. Even though wearing French cuff shirts is not the norm for some men, cufflinks can become the statement that men need to stand out. Men are remembered when they are wearing links that perfectly match their attire and have a story attached to them.

Traditional Knots

The traditional knot is a beautiful form of link that helps men to be as casual as possible when they are getting dressed. Often, these knots are made of twine that has been wound into tiny balls. These balls may contain a variety of colors, but the colors should match the suit or tux the man is wearing.

Many fashion houses sell knots to match their shirts and ties. Also, the knots can be used to offset a traditional ensemble. A nice tuxedo featuring a pair of red knots is much more noticeable than the black link that came with the rented tux.

Fashion Links

Fashion links are lovely items because they allow men to show off their personality even though they are in a traditional suit. These links come in many different metals, colors and sizes. Plus, these links are easy to put on. The links are designed to slide directly through the buttonholes in a French cuff shirt and lock into place.

The Story

Wearing links that have a story behind them is the best use of fashion for men. Wearing pink links to commemorate a woman who is battling breast cancer far surpasses traditional black. Wearing links that were an anniversary gift far outweighs buttoning the cuff.

Men who want to be remembered for their fashion choices should use links to be noticed. A striking color, a good story and a matching knot help men to look their best even when they are in the same tuxedo or suit everyone else is wearing.


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