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Friday, April 4, 2014

Banded Bow Ties

Men's fashion is often overlooked compared to women's fashion. Where women get to choose from dresses, skirts, shorts, Capri's, cropped pants, jeans, cords and more, guys only get a few choices when it comes to fashion. But there are a few new styles that men are getting really into lately as far as style and fashion.

One of the fashion items that has become popular is the tie. There are all sorts of different types of ties that men can wear, and there are different knots that can be tied with them too. Some men prefer big knots, while other men prefer small knots and skinny ties.

Next, suspenders are becoming very popular among men's fashion. Guys have been seen at big fashion shows wearing suspenders with different styles of suits or dress pants. They have even been seen wearing suspenders with jeans and a plain t-shirt or button-up shirt. Suspenders were once considered nerdy and not at all fashionable, but today they are considered highly fashionable and very cute on men.

Then, of course, there are banded bow ties. Bow ties in general have been extremely popular along with regular ties for men. And no longer are they seen as nerdy (as in the case of suspenders). Instead, bow ties are very cute in this day and age, and many men are wearing them. With banded bow ties, there is the added bonus of not having to worry about the specific tie. The bow ties are already "banded" or tied, and all men have to do is attach them around their neck. There is a band that goes around and underneath the collar, and it attaches on the other side very easily. In addition, no one ever knows that they are not "real" bow ties and are in fact pre-banded or pre-tied.

Finally, there are a lot of guys today wearing suit coats. Suit coats used to be reserved only for special occasions or work, but now they are the norm for everyday use and wear on men. Even women have been seen wearing more suit coats in addition to ties, suspenders and bow ties! Spruce up your wardrobe with a banded bow tie today!


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