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Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Style of the Skinny Tie

Ties are an important piece of formal wear for men. Whether it's going to the office, a job interview, or a wedding, a tie is needed to supplement any male formal wear. However, for many men, dressing up for the day has become an important way of feeling comfortable even in casual settings. To conform to different settings, clothing companies have revitalized the style of tie known as skinny ties.

Skinny ties contrast with regular ties in terms of width. Common ties are about 3.5 inches in width. In contrast, skinny ties can range from 1.5-2.75 inches in width. This piece of fabric first came onto the fashion scene in Britain where British rock bands from the 1960's, like the Beatles and the Kinks, sported these kind of ties with their trendy formal suits. The ties gave men who wore them an edginess to their formal wear. This fashion senses carried over to different musical and cultural trends associated with social groups, such as the Mod culture and fashion. The skinny tie survived well into the 70's and 80's, especially through music where musical acts associated with power pop and new wave musical genres sported these ties. In recent years, the social group known as hipsters and other young urban dwellers sported skinny ties. The skinny tie continues its fashion aesthetic of being an edgy tie to supplement what would be formal wear in more casual environments.

Most skinny ties come in one of five major fabrics: wool, silk, microfiber, cotton, or knit cotton. Despite their width, they are usually the same length of normal ties. However, in terms of style, skinny ties are often tied so that their length reaches the person's belt. A tie bar is typically purchased with the skinny tie to keep it in place. Because of the small width of skinny ties, tie bars are always thinner than the width of the skinny tie. So, for example, a 1.5 inch skinny tie would be best paired with a 1.25 inch tie bar. Designs will vary when it comes to skinny ties.

Because of the unique casual and formal acceptance of the skinny tie, many brands may have single color or two tone skinny ties. Two tone skinny ties tend to be black paired with another color tone while a single color can come in a variety of colors. The skinny width of these ties makes designs or logos impractical and a distraction to the slick look the tie is trying to accomplish for the wearer. The modern man needs a modern look...these ties are a great way to kick it off!


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