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Saturday, March 8, 2014

International Flag Ties

Ties are staples in most men’s wardrobes, and they come in endless styles, colors and designs. A tie may reflect the personality or interests of the individual wearing it, which is why international flag ties are becoming more and more popular. These ties feature flag themes from different countries around the world, and the prints can range from subtle to bold.

A flag tie is ideal for anyone wanting to show cultural pride. This may involve expressing solidarity, promoting unity or demonstrating diversity. Flag ties let people celebrate the variety of the world in a tasteful way. Showing pride for a country is a great way for individuals to come together as well. Flag-themed ties can even be used to support a national team in the Olympics.

There are several ways to wear a flag tie. Many people prefer to let the tie stand out against a solid-colored shirt. This is a good option if the flag print covers the entire tie. Some choose to match the shirt with one color in the flag to make the design pop. Ties with one or two small flags displayed front and center are more subtle, and they are perfect for creating an understated look. These ties pair nicely with patterned shirts.

Flag ties can be worn for a number of occasions. They are ideal for casual parties, but they also work well at formal events. For those who need some help in social situations, a bold flag tie may be a great conversation starter. These accessories can even be useful in the workplace. In a business setting, wearing a tie with a flag theme will reflect confidence while maintaining a professional tone.

International flag ties are whimsical, distinctive and fun to wear. Men of all ages can show off their national pride by wearing one of these unique neckties. Women can even transform the ties into scarves, bandanas or belts. Flag-themed ties not only look sharp, they stand out. They’re the perfect wardrobe add-on for anyone who wants to make a statement of camaraderie without having to say a word.


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