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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Clip On Ties

Do you ever look at other men and wonder how they get the knot in their tie so perfect? They must have that adoring wife who ties it for them before they leave for the office, right? Wrong. Many men today have the perfect looking tie because they have opted to wear a clip on instead of learning to perfect that knot. Here are a few reasons why clip on ties are becoming so popular today.

Tying a tie can be difficult.

Many men have trouble learning how to tie a tie correctly. There is no shame in that. Some men have just never had to learn. For others, learning was just as difficult: you wrap this around that and stick the end of this through there. No wonder it can get so confusing! Some men would rather give up wearing a tie altogether than have to tie one every morning. With a clip on, there is no fussing with trying to get that knot perfect. You simply clip the tie onto your shirt and go.

Ties are uncomfortable.

Do you ever wonder why you see so many men adjusting their ties so often throughout the day? It is because a lot of men find ties too constricting. It can be downright uncomfortable having something wrapped around your neck all day or all night. A tie can rightly be compared to a noose at times. But if you do loosen up that tie, then you end up looking sloppy. So rather than fussing with that noose all day, simply clip a tie onto your shirt and you don't have to worry about it.

Tying a tie takes too much time.

Tying a tie correctly can be time consuming, especially if you need to have that perfectly knotted tie for an important meeting or a hot date. Clip on ties are an easy solution to the time issue. No fumbling around, you simply clip and go.

While some men still prefer the traditional tie, many men today are opting for the clip on tie for a number of reasons. Whether it is too difficult, too tight, or takes too much time, the traditional tie is losing some of its popularity. Many men are welcoming the clip on tie with open arms.


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