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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Add Some Flair To Your Look With Tie Bars

Tie bars, sometimes called tie clips, are bars that clip your tie to your shirt. Beyond being a convenient way to secure your tie in place, they can be attractive and decorative accessories in their own right. Here are some of the different styles of bars that you can wear to secure your tie to your shirt and add a bit of flair to your look in the process.

Formal Bars - Formal bars are the perfect choice for those who need to look upscale and presentable. Formal bars are available in silver or gold styles, in addition to featuring subtle but attractive designs. These bars will keep your tie in place in professional scenarios, but aren't distracting or gaudy.

Novelty Bars - If you want to have a little fun with your look, then invest in novelty bars. There are hundreds of novelty designs to choose from. You can celebrate a holiday like Christmas or Halloween with a festive bar or make them laugh with a humorous design. There are also novelty styles that honor clubs and countries, allowing you to express your individual hobbies and preferences.

Sports Bars - Your tie bar can be a great place to show off your team spirit. Whether you're a football or a baseball fanatic, there are styles for each and every sports team, allowing you to wear your fan pride right on your tie.

Slim Bars - Many men want to utilize a tie bar to keep their tie in place, but would rather that it be virtually unnoticeable. With a slim tie bar design, the tie bar will be virtually invisible, allowing you to keep your tie secured to your shirt without anyone noticing that you are wearing a tie bar.

Tie bars are a fantastic accessory for any man. Whether you want to show off with a little flair or discreetly keep your tie secured to your shirt, a tie bar is a great finishing touch to any look.


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