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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Men's Shirt & Sock Garters

Garters have been used by men since at least the 1500's when they needed them to hold up their stockings and often wore them as a kind of fashion statement. Though the patent for elastic was registered in 1820, socks with elastic bands at the top did not become common for some time. Sock garters were quite popular during the 1930's and 1940's in America, and they are still used by men as the most effective way to both keep a shirt tucked in and to keep socks from sagging.

Men's Shirt & Sock Garters connect to any shirt and pair of socks by a simple but effective clip located at each end of an adjustable elastic band. The clip is comprised of a small rubber stud which helps grip both the shirt and the sock so that the metal clip can be fastened over the bit of rubber. This clip provides an easy, secure and safe connection between shirt and sock.

One end of the garter is clipped to the tail of the shirt, and the other end is connected in the same way to the top of the sock. Wearing these unobtrusive and comfortable garters ensures that a shirt will not come untucked even after a long day and socks will not slip and sag in a distracting or embarrassing manner. The garters are easy to unclip at the end of the day, and of course they leave no marks, create no holes and do no damage to either the shirt or the socks.

Because they are adjustable and can be locked into any desired length, these Men's Shirt & Sock Garters are equally effective for men of any height. They are generally packaged as a set of four, two for the front and two for the back.

The other style of sock garter uses the same basic idea, but securely fastens over the top of the calve and then to the sock, holding it securely in place.

Perhaps the most well known kind of garter is the kind worn by brides at their weddings and removed as part of a centuries-old tradition. For men of distinction and style, these men’s garters for shirts and socks are more popular and certainly more useful. 


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