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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Fashion Forward With Longer Ties

In his "Fashion Bible," legendary fashion consultant Tim Gunn says he prefers a man to use a full Windsor knot in his neckties. The biggest problem with this fashion statement is it takes up a lot more fabric than the more common half Windsor, and that leaves you running the risk of either not having enough tie left to reach your belt, or leaving enough tie to reach your belt but not having enough tie left to reach the keeper loop on the back side.

Unless you're planning on wearing a suit that covers up everything from the bottom of the chest to the top of the pants pocket, neither of those options is acceptable. So, what is a fashion-forward man to do?

Just buy longer ties, something that is getting much easier these days. X-Long Ties are growing in popularity, and not just among the 6'3" and up crowd. A recent study conducted by Kelton Research revealed some interesting facts about a man and his wardrobe, and why finding the proper tie is important to the overall look.

According to the study, 91 percent of Americans feel a man who dresses well can appear to be more physically attractive than he actually is, and a whopping 85 percent of women admitted they feel a man who dresses well is sexier than a man who has a lot of money. But the surprising statistic was, 63 percent of women think a man in a suit is more attractive than a man in a uniform (traditionally the Gold Standard for sexiness).

Now are you starting to see the importance of the tie? It's one of those items that cannot be overlooked if you want to have a complete look. X-Long Ties are fantastic for any man of average height or more because the length gives you the flexibility to make the proper knot work, while eliminating that awful feeling you get when you realize no matter how many times you re-tie it, that thing around your neck is simply not going to look right. Buy an x-long tie and end the stress of coming up short time and time again!


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