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Monday, February 24, 2014

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day in Style

Though St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday in honor of an Irish saint, it is one of the few holidays celebrated in multiple countries around the world. Each year, people worldwide honor Irish heritage and culture on March 17th with parties, parades, and festivals. The first public St. Patrick’s Day celebration was actually held in Boston in 1737 by Irish immigrants. Traditions associated with the holiday include wearing and decorating with clovers, harps, and all things green.

One of the more widely celebrated traditions is the wearing of the color green. Legend says that this tradition began many years ago by young Irish children who would pinch people that neglected to wear green. Today, even people that may not celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in any other form, join in the spirit of the day by wearing St. Patrick’s Day symbol and the color green throughout the day. While some people will go as far as painting their entire bodies green, for most people such extreme measures are simply not practical. The ideal solution is incorporating a bit of green and a nod to Irish tradition with something like St. Patty's Harps & Clover Neckties. A tie like this adds a bit of whimsy, while still blending in with a professional look.

The clover, or shamrock as it is sometimes known, is perhaps the most associated symbol of St. Patty’s day. History tells of St. Patrick using the clover’s three leaves to explain the doctrine of the Holy Trinity. Today, people wear clovers for St. Patrick’s Day in remembrance of St. Patrick and his homeland of Ireland.

Another symbol often associated with this Irish holiday is the harp. The harp is not only a symbol of St. Patrick’s Day, but also the country of Ireland. For centuries harpists played a revered and important part in Irish culture. Their role in Irish culture is reflected with harps frequently depicted on many pieces of Irish memorabilia.

Jaunty St. Patty's Harps & Clover Neckties incorporate fun loving elements of tradition and allows the wearer to show an appreciation and affection for St. Patrick’s Day. 


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