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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ascot Scarf

An ascot is a neck scarf worn by men that has a narrow neckband that the wearer loops under his chin for a sophisticated, refined look. These formal ties are named after a British horse racetrack called the Ascot Heath. The racetrack, which opened in 1711, was popular for the style and fashion of its spectators and attendees.

Generally speaking, an ascot scarf is made out of patterned silk. These scarves, which have a wide fabric, are usually folded over and fastened to a dress shirt with a stickpin or fashion tack. Today, there is an endless variety of ascots available for purchase, including patterned ascots, as well as colored scarves in navy blue, powder blue, pink, light green, lavender, olive, orange, red, and purple.

The plain red ascot, for example, offers a touch of elegance and timelessness courtesy of its silk fabric. More specifically, the ascot is 100% silk, is 50 inches long, and 5.9 inches wide. Other versions of the red-colored ascots include: an ascot with a circle design, an ascot with an all-over floral print, a red ascot with a miniature paisley pattern, and a polka dot ascot.

Another popular ascot available is a tie made of yellow silk complimented by a unique cheetah print.

Tying Methods

There are several different methods for tying ascots. The most popular tying method is called the ascot knot, which is distinguished by the ends of the scarf being folded over and under the main knot. This large knot is secured to the chest by a tie pin.

Sometimes, the ascot is folded inside the shirt, concealing the knot. Alternatively, for gentlemen wanting to add a unique visual dimension to their outfit, showcasing the ascot knot outside of the dress shirt is also a common tying method.

Ascots in Popular Culture

Ascots have played an important role in American popular culture. For example, Fred Jones, a main character in the animated series, “Scooby Doo,” wears an orange-colored ascot tie. Another cartoon character famous for his ascot is Ken, from “Toy Story 3.” And, in “The Godfather,” Al Pacino’s character wears an ascot in several scenes.

When you want to show a unique sense of style, an ascot is a great way to set yourself apart from the crowd.


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