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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Novelty Suspenders

Novelty suspenders are uniquely-themed fabric straps worn over the shoulders that are attached to pants. The suspenders, which are sometimes also constructed of leather, are used to keep pants from falling down. In recent years, suspenders have become a popular fashion accessory in men's formal wear.

Flame Suspenders

Novelty flame suspenders are suspenders with black elastic fabric decorated with a burning flame design. The suspenders are available in widths of 2 inches and 1 ½ inches and come with standard metal clips.

Animal Suspenders

Novelty animal suspenders feature depictions of animals on the leather or fabric. Animal-themed suspenders are, without a doubt, one of the most popular variations of novelty suspenders.

Different versions of animal suspenders include suspenders showing bears, cheetahs, dogs, eagles, flamingoes, moose, pigs, tigers, turkeys, toucans, cats, deer, ducks, fish, horses, peacocks, and raccoons.

These suspenders were all designed with nostalgia in mind, and show the aforementioned animals in different stages of action. For example, the eagle suspenders display the predatory bird spreading its wings in flight.

Holiday and Christmas Suspenders

For holiday occasions, suspenders are a very popular outfit accessory. Similarly, suspenders decorated with holiday and Christmas elements are also extremely popular. Christmas suspenders are usually made of red, green, or white fabric, and covered with candy cane patterns, Santa Claus, penguins, reindeer, and Christmas present boxes.

If you do not celebrate Christmas, there are a number of other unique suspenders commemorating various holiday occasions. The most popular holiday suspenders are for Thanksgiving, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, and Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day suspenders are distinguished by all-over heart print decorations.

Kid’s Suspenders

Suspenders are also produced in kid’s sizes. Some of the most popular suspender styles for children are American flag suspenders, cute duck suspenders, smiley face suspenders, and fabric straps with camouflage, shamrocks, and a plaid pattern.

Music Suspenders

Music lovers in need of pants support can use suspenders with guitar motifs, jazz instruments, musical notes, and musical lines on them. Novelty music suspenders are made of fully elasticized material, have an adjustable length, and are approximately 1 ½” wide.

Novelty themed suspenders are sure to get your guy's day off to a great start!


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