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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ladies Fun Scarves

Whether looking for warmth in winter or to add a splash of color to an outfit in the summer, scarves are a fun and inexpensive way to add flair. A chunky, wool scarf can look great and provide warmth when it is cold outside while a subtle, silky scarf can add tasteful flare to a business outfit. For those looking to show originality and express themselves, there are lots of options out there of ladies fun scarves to add a personalized touch and be festive!

Christmas Scarves

A Christmas holiday scarf is a great way to add festive flair to an everyday outfit or add an additional touch to a holiday outfit. Bright red and green scarves with Santa, jingle bells, snowmen, or Christmas trees are a bold addition to a holiday ensemble. If these prints are too flashy or hard to match, try a more subtle snowflake pattern or snowy day scene on a muted grey or black background.

Scarves for Other Holidays

Dressing up in holiday outfits is common at Christmastime, but why not be festive at other times of the year as well? A pastel scarf with eggs and bunnies for Easter, a bold, black scarf with bright orange jack-o-lanterns or haunted houses and bats for Halloween, or a scarf with shamrocks for Saint PatrickĀ“s Day are just a few ideas to add spirit to an everyday outfit to celebrate holidays other than Christmas.

Scarves to be Worn Year Round

What about the rest of the year? It is not necessary to wait for the holidays to wear ladies fun scarves! Scarves with the pink ribbon for Breast Cancer are a unique way to accessorize and show support for a worthy cause at the same time. Scarves with music notes, treble clefs, or musical instruments are perfect for music lovers. Add a touch of patriotism to an everyday outfit with American flag scarves, or save them for Fourth of July. There are also many selections in plain colors or stripes, polka dots or argyle. You choose...ladies fun scarves are...well...FUN!


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