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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Burning Words of Love Tie

Ties have the ability to make an extraordinary impact. As part of one's attire, they can make a bold statement, depending on the print and color that you choose. They can be the ideal article to add a splash of color to otherwise neutral tones, or they can be the finishing touch to an already colorful and fabulous suit that ideally reflects your personality. However you choose to dress it up, the tie is a central component to making your outfit work on every level. This Valentine's Day, put your most loving foot forward with a tie that uses traditional colors for this holiday but breaks the stereotypical mold of hearts or just flat reds. The Jerry Garcia Valentine Day Tie spreads a message of love like no other garment or image can.

The Only Real Message

This tie employs the classic designs and color patterning that Garcia and the culture that loved his music helped to make mainstream. The mesmerizing design uses many different shades of red to create a hypnotizing background that allows a flaming heart to float above its surface. Messages of love tie the whole design together by using different colors and sizes of text that weave through the design from the top of the tie down to the bottom. The message of love that Jerry Garcia and his music brought to the world through the Grateful Dead can immediately be felt when this tie comes into view.

Let the Legend Live On

Music lovers from all generations will be able to appreciate what this tie has to offer. Additionally, pure silk construction gives the wearer and anyone who comes near them a feeling of comfort and love that is akin to the music that this legend put into the world. When just the ordinary message of love will not do, turn to the Jerry Garcia Valentine Day Tie 2096 - Words of Love. This captivating tie is 56 inches in length with a width of 3.5 inches. When you feel your own heart glowing, turn to a tie and fashion accessory that burns with the same fire and passion as you do.


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