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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Black & Silver Diamond Jubilee Pattern Zipper Ties

Living in the modern age means the daily pace is fast. Get ready, get set, GO! Eat fast. Work fast. Play fast. Any time there is a possibility to take a short cut and slow the pace a bit, why not take that shortcut? We all know that not all shortcuts are worth taking. One way to make getting ready for work easier and faster is by wearing a zipper tie. Without the hassle of having to tie neckwear, zipper ties are a great alternative, and a shortcut worth taking.

Fashion does not have to go by the wayside when choosing a zipper tie. A great choice is one of the fashionable Black & Silver Diamond Jubilee Pattern Zipper Ties. Constructed of durable polyester in lengths of 20 1/2 inches, zipper ties fit easily over the head. As the zipper ties are pre-tied, the ties always look perfect. Simply unzip the tie, slip the tie over the head and under the collar, and zip. As the tie is zipped upwards, it naturally tightens around the collar giving the appearance of a regular tie. The zipper tie is in place and looks like a tie that took fifteen minutes to tie. Black & Silver Diamond Jubilee Pattern Zipper Ties have a unique diamond pattern with metallic silver threads running throughout the pattern giving them a distinguished look that complements any attire.

Imagine a tie that is as easy to wear as zipping a zipper? These ties make great gifts for friends and family that love looking stylish but can't seem to manipulate tying a regular tie properly or simply don't have the time. Zipper ties are also great for those who have trouble with fine motor skills such as problems brought on by arthritis or have similar difficulties and find it difficult tying a tie. Life becomes much simpler by wearing zipper ties. These stylish ties are the answer for our modern day fast paced lives. One zip and you are on your way. Save a little time and look good doing it!


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