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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tie Bars

The tie bar, sometimes referred to as the tie slide or the tie clip, is a fashion accessory used by individuals looking for a way to clip their tie to a shirt they are wearing underneath. The purpose of clipping a tie is that the clip keeps a tie wrinkle-free and straight, and prevents it from swinging or hanging unevenly.

History of the Tie Bar

Tie clips originally became a popular formal accessory in the 1920's, when ties made of soft fabric became popular among trendy men. The traditional tie pin would damage these delicate silk ties, so an alternative was needed. Thus, the tie slide was born.

Tie slides are used for many different occasions and are frequently decorated with intriguing visual patterns or design elements. They are great for formal dressing occasions because they are not overbearing, garish, and are an excellent complement to a suit.

In fact, tie clips are one of the only jewelry accessories United States servicemen and servicewomen are permitted to wear. These government-sanctioned slides feature a United States government seal on them, indicating the individual’s employment status.

Different Types of Tie Bar

There is a wide variety of tie clips available online today, ranging from formal tie bars, slim tie slides, novelty tie clips, and clips with professional and college sports teams on them. Formal tie slides are generally made of metals like gold, silver, or nickel. Sometimes, these dressier bars are plain, other times they have striped patterns on them.

Slim tie clips are a more recent design, and are made exclusively for skinny ties. These thinner clips have a thinner profile, but are also generally made one of the aforementioned metals.

Tie slides are more than just clean lines and pristine metal, though. There are novelty tie clips devoted to nearly every subject category, from music, American flags, religion, and gambling themed accessories. Gambling tie bars, for example, are generally distinguished by dice emblems, playing card illustrations, or a spade logo. Patriotic novelty tie slides, on the other hand, usually feature an emblem of the American flag that is positioned on the clip in such a way that the flag appears to be fluttering in the wind.

Every American man should have one this Christmas!


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