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Monday, December 2, 2013

Self Tie Bow Ties Are Making A Comeback

Bow ties were once reserved for special occasions like weddings and for other formal occasions. Self tie bow ties, however, are making a comeback in fashionable men's wear today in a big way. They make an elegant statement, combined with a sense of fun, while giving a nod to every man's personal fashion style.

While men's ties were once used to effectively close the gap in the necklines of their shirts, today's ties are normally worn more for fashion than for function. Men of all ages look handsome in bow ties. Learning to tie them by hand is a creative art that can be passed down through the generations.

Bow Ties Are Available In A Wide Range Of Colors And Designs

Today, trendy bow ties can be found in solid colors ranging from traditional black, brown, blues and greens to sharp, daring colors like orange, yellow and red. They are also available in striped designs, as well as in captivating patterns like dots, paisley, plaid and traditional cross-hatch styles. New novelty bow ties available today allow every man to make a statement of individuality. Novelty styles range from 1960's peace signs to holiday designs, paw print styles and animal patterns like zebra and tiger prints.

When a man incorporates a unique bow tie into his dressed up formal look, it allows him to express his own style in ways that are as individual as he is. Innovative design and classy detailing come standard in the selections available these days. There are so many colors and designs found today in neck wear that can help any man make his own personal, original style statement.

Spice Up His Wardrobe With Unique Bow Ties

Every man can now find the perfect bow tie to express his personality and to show some design flair. Men are no longer relegated to simply wearing black, brown and navy neck ties or bow ties when an occasion comes along to dress up. Self tie bow ties add that extra element of surprise, and that personal style expression to any guy's wardrobe.


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