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Sunday, December 8, 2013

School Color Stripe Ties

School color stripe ties were once associated with expensive private schools, as a way to demonstrate to all that the wearer was a cut above everyone else. Nowadays, though, anyone who wants to show their pride in their school will find that a tie which boldly displays their school’s colors is an ideal way to show one’s loyalties. School color stripe ties aren’t just for Ivy Leaguers anymore.  They’re a great fashion accessory for anyone who wants to show their school spirit.

Sweatshirts, t-shirts and hoodies are fine for wearing to the game, but when the occasion calls for more formal wear, a tie with school colors is a stylish and attractive way to show support for the old alma mater. They will look great at reunions and other alumni events. Plus, their conservative, dignified style make them perfect for any business meeting, even a job interview. They can even serve as social icebreakers, providing a subject for conversation. And someone who is looking for a gift for a special person who happens to be a big school booster will find that the colored stripe tie is the perfect choice.

Purchasing a tie as a gift has other advantages. There is no need to know any sizes, they’re easy to wrap, they’re inexpensive, and they’re sure to be received with enthusiasm. Even a man with a closet rack full of neckties will find reasons to wear the school color tie any time he can; a man with no ties will discover reasons to start wearing one. And a tie is reasonably priced, especially in comparison to other gifts that the recipient may not need and will certainly not enjoy and appreciate as much. With that in mind, anyone shopping for a gift for someone, or even for themselves, should consider an eye-catching but attractive school color tie.


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