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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cheetah Print's Power

They are bright, bold and sight to behold – people, that is. Bold patterns blaze the trail as people grind individualism into fashion and suit up to make a statement. So blaze the trail with the speed of the fastest cat on four paws and suit up with a cheetah print tie.

The cheetah print has been a symbol of domination over the spotted cat’s power and, during the 1960's, gained a spotlight in the fashion world. Today, the feline queen’s spots have yet to go out of style and are worn in a variety of ways. For men and women, the cheetah print is a vision of the same sexiness and hypnotic strength as that of the beasts of the jungle.

Make a visual statement and splash power into any suit and tie combination. Cheetah print is the un-traditional stand towards individualism that more and more people have come to demand. Nothing gives confidence better than looking into the mirror before that big meeting and seeing mighty cheetah spots peeping from the chest.

For those dads out there, this picture will sound all too familiar. Another present, another necktie and another frozen smile packed with fake enthusiasm. Kids, do the unexpected and give a tie that will smack a real smile on his face. Make sure he watches out for that tree, because dear old dad is bound to gain the speed, strength, confidence, and giant shining smile of George himself.

Power is the number one thing that people desire and, with speeds up to sixty miles per hour, cheetahs have obtained it. Give a piece of that power with a glimpse of their spots. As Shakespeare said, “Though she be but little, she is fierce!” The cheetah print tie is the small glimpse of that power and it is fierce. So give some Cheetah power this Christmas!


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