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Friday, December 20, 2013

Father & Son Stripe Ties

Father & Son Stripe Ties are great gifts to give as a pair during the holiday season. Both father and son will be able to match as they wear these ties. Ties work as great gifts because they are generally neutral and practical. Giving a child a tie is a great way to make them feel more grown up. Adult professionals wear ties on a daily basis, so it only makes sense that this gift has practical use as well.

Finding a quality piece of clothing is about evaluating cost and value. Ties are a generally affordable accessory, but there are still many brands out there that make ties from a great deal of different fabric styles. Striped ties work wonderfully because they capture that combination of quality and neutrality that makes them fit into any wardrobe styling. A black and white striped tie can match with a black, beige or gray suit very easily. Ties can work as general wardrobe accessories that help bring a wardrobe together. Every man's wardrobe should have at least two or three ties. A set of quality neutral styled ties can easily rotate through a wardrobe and attach to many different clothing styles.

Matching father and son ties can make family photos much more memorable. Many people like to combine the matching ties with suit pants and jackets for these photo opportunities. You may also want to check out more broad and abstract styles for the holiday season. Many Christmas and winter themed ties capture the spirit of the season in a very simple and effective manner. If you are in doubt about which tie styles to purchase, it's better to stick with more neutral themed ties. This will ensure that the ties see a greater longevity within the family member's wardrobe. A practical tie should be affordable, of high quality and suit all occasions. Those who purchase ties online should also be aware of shipping and handling costs that go into their purchase. Many sites will allow you take advantage of free shipping. This can make ties purchased online a better value than those found at the store.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

North Pole Christmas Ties - Various Sizes Available for Men & Boys

Women aren't the only ones who like to be festive during the Christmas Holiday Season. Men and boys like to show their fun sides as well. One way this can be achieved is by purchasing North Pole Christmas Ties (there are various sizes available for men & boys). Not only are the ties affordable, there are unlimited styles and designs to choose from!

North Pole Christmas Ties come in polyester for men and have clip-ons for the little ones. As a customer, you are able to purchase incredible ties. If you’re into a smiling Santa, you can purchase a “Jolly Santa Tie”. Do you enjoy the wonderful joy that Christmas trees bring during the holiday? Well you can purchase the “Oh Christmas Tree Stripe Tie” or the “Winter Holiday Tie.” If you want to try something even a little more different, you can buy zipper ties! The “Noel Christmas Zipper Tie” is one hundred percent polyester.

Are you tired of buying your husband, brother, son or other male counterpart the same boring and bland gift? Well these ties are great for presents and you don’t have to break the bank either. Even cooler is the ability to dress Dad and Son in matching ties to help them show off that special bond that they share with each other. “North Pole Christmas Ties" give you the opportunity to feel great about giving to those special guys in your life. They'll be happy that you chose such a warm and thoughtful gift!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tie Bars

The tie bar, sometimes referred to as the tie slide or the tie clip, is a fashion accessory used by individuals looking for a way to clip their tie to a shirt they are wearing underneath. The purpose of clipping a tie is that the clip keeps a tie wrinkle-free and straight, and prevents it from swinging or hanging unevenly.

History of the Tie Bar

Tie clips originally became a popular formal accessory in the 1920's, when ties made of soft fabric became popular among trendy men. The traditional tie pin would damage these delicate silk ties, so an alternative was needed. Thus, the tie slide was born.

Tie slides are used for many different occasions and are frequently decorated with intriguing visual patterns or design elements. They are great for formal dressing occasions because they are not overbearing, garish, and are an excellent complement to a suit.

In fact, tie clips are one of the only jewelry accessories United States servicemen and servicewomen are permitted to wear. These government-sanctioned slides feature a United States government seal on them, indicating the individual’s employment status.

Different Types of Tie Bar

There is a wide variety of tie clips available online today, ranging from formal tie bars, slim tie slides, novelty tie clips, and clips with professional and college sports teams on them. Formal tie slides are generally made of metals like gold, silver, or nickel. Sometimes, these dressier bars are plain, other times they have striped patterns on them.

Slim tie clips are a more recent design, and are made exclusively for skinny ties. These thinner clips have a thinner profile, but are also generally made one of the aforementioned metals.

Tie slides are more than just clean lines and pristine metal, though. There are novelty tie clips devoted to nearly every subject category, from music, American flags, religion, and gambling themed accessories. Gambling tie bars, for example, are generally distinguished by dice emblems, playing card illustrations, or a spade logo. Patriotic novelty tie slides, on the other hand, usually feature an emblem of the American flag that is positioned on the clip in such a way that the flag appears to be fluttering in the wind.

Every American man should have one this Christmas!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Suspenders Add Whimsy to the Holidays

Christmas is traditionally a time when people wear items that represent themselves and show off their holiday spirit. The right accessories brighten up any event with bright colors and classic designs. Christmas suspenders are a functional option for men to wear on a daily basis to the office or to that special party during the holiday season. Suspenders are straps that are worn over the shoulder and are attached to trousers. Many men wear them instead of a belt to hold up their pants, because they are more comfortable. They are also worn as an accessory, and their stylish fashion forward designs keep the holidays bright and functional for people who are looking to make a statement. They pair well when worn with a complimentary tie to make the outfit complete and ready to go.

Suspenders are available in a variety of colors and designs that are made to complement the look of any outfit. They are designed to fit adults and children with an attractive adjustable sizing system. They come in many different colors such as black, red, and green with fun holiday icons. The Green Chilly Penguin Suspenders come with standard metal clips for quick adjustments and a holiday penguin icon that is sure to bring a smile to anyone who sees it. The red Christmas Trees Suspenders are 1 1/2” wide with a red background and a cute Christmas tree design. The men’s Candy Cane Stripe Suspenders are navy with a cute crossed candy cane pattern. These pair well with a light colored shirt that highlight the suspenders that are sure to steal the Christmas show.

Children love to wear suspenders and the choices add a whimsical look. The Kid’s Santa Images Christmas Suspenders are 1” wide with an adjustable length to fit different sized children and they have a sewn x back design to keep them in place. The Kid’s Candy Cane Suspenders are a match to the adult sized style, which is an adorable choice for any holiday party. Girls and boys love to wear suspenders during Christmas events and the fun is contagious. Don't believe me? Just try one on!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Jerry Garcia Ties

A wonderful assortment of visually stimulating ties are available from the artistic styling's of Jerry Garcia. Pick up one of the colorful Jerry Garcia Ties and make a bold statement to express your love of art in its many forms.

The amazing Jerry Garcia was not just a musician, but an influential visual artist as well. Even from an early age when he was confined to be stuck in bed with asthma, he occupied himself by drawing. He attended art school in San Francisco while also focusing on his music career. Although his well known work as the guitarist for the seminal band from the 1960‘s, The Grateful Dead, continued into the 1990's, he was also becoming a respected artist with several art shows. His original work is still sold today. During his life he produced hundreds of pieces, employing pencil, ink, watercolor, oil, and gouache. As the digital age progressed, later in life he even produced some artwork using computers.

Now, anyone can wear part of Jerry Garcia’s legacy with these beautiful and dynamic ties featuring his digital artwork and paintings. These ties are suitable for business attire, or even to dress up a pair of jeans. The selection of ties are all one hundred percent silk. Featuring bold, colorful and energetic brush strokes, these Jerry Garcia ties evoke his signature free-flowing, positive aesthetic in dozens of eye-catching abstract patterns, available in multiple colors and variants, including bow ties. Strikingly attractive and compelling, this neck-wear showcases the wearer’s personality as well.

Discover the soft waves encapsulating the “Tidal Wave” design. Truly beautiful washes of color envelop the “Poet Absorbs the War” tie pattern, which contains eye-catching visuals. Another of the popular ties is a deconstructed twist on an old favorite, “Lady with Argyle Socks”, for those who enjoy abstract patterns. If the holidays demand a festive display, try painted images of Christmas tree ornaments, holly, and whimsical Santa Claus figures in a Jerry Garcia Christmas Holiday Tie. Or, express your groove with tie-dyed circles that adorn the “Courtyard Performance”, available in a variety of performance patterns.

There is one thing for sure...these ties are beautiful...and there's sure to be one for you!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

School Color Stripe Ties

School color stripe ties were once associated with expensive private schools, as a way to demonstrate to all that the wearer was a cut above everyone else. Nowadays, though, anyone who wants to show their pride in their school will find that a tie which boldly displays their school’s colors is an ideal way to show one’s loyalties. School color stripe ties aren’t just for Ivy Leaguers anymore.  They’re a great fashion accessory for anyone who wants to show their school spirit.

Sweatshirts, t-shirts and hoodies are fine for wearing to the game, but when the occasion calls for more formal wear, a tie with school colors is a stylish and attractive way to show support for the old alma mater. They will look great at reunions and other alumni events. Plus, their conservative, dignified style make them perfect for any business meeting, even a job interview. They can even serve as social icebreakers, providing a subject for conversation. And someone who is looking for a gift for a special person who happens to be a big school booster will find that the colored stripe tie is the perfect choice.

Purchasing a tie as a gift has other advantages. There is no need to know any sizes, they’re easy to wrap, they’re inexpensive, and they’re sure to be received with enthusiasm. Even a man with a closet rack full of neckties will find reasons to wear the school color tie any time he can; a man with no ties will discover reasons to start wearing one. And a tie is reasonably priced, especially in comparison to other gifts that the recipient may not need and will certainly not enjoy and appreciate as much. With that in mind, anyone shopping for a gift for someone, or even for themselves, should consider an eye-catching but attractive school color tie.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cheetah Print's Power

They are bright, bold and sight to behold – people, that is. Bold patterns blaze the trail as people grind individualism into fashion and suit up to make a statement. So blaze the trail with the speed of the fastest cat on four paws and suit up with a cheetah print tie.

The cheetah print has been a symbol of domination over the spotted cat’s power and, during the 1960's, gained a spotlight in the fashion world. Today, the feline queen’s spots have yet to go out of style and are worn in a variety of ways. For men and women, the cheetah print is a vision of the same sexiness and hypnotic strength as that of the beasts of the jungle.

Make a visual statement and splash power into any suit and tie combination. Cheetah print is the un-traditional stand towards individualism that more and more people have come to demand. Nothing gives confidence better than looking into the mirror before that big meeting and seeing mighty cheetah spots peeping from the chest.

For those dads out there, this picture will sound all too familiar. Another present, another necktie and another frozen smile packed with fake enthusiasm. Kids, do the unexpected and give a tie that will smack a real smile on his face. Make sure he watches out for that tree, because dear old dad is bound to gain the speed, strength, confidence, and giant shining smile of George himself.

Power is the number one thing that people desire and, with speeds up to sixty miles per hour, cheetahs have obtained it. Give a piece of that power with a glimpse of their spots. As Shakespeare said, “Though she be but little, she is fierce!” The cheetah print tie is the small glimpse of that power and it is fierce. So give some Cheetah power this Christmas!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Self Tie Bow Ties Are Making A Comeback

Bow ties were once reserved for special occasions like weddings and for other formal occasions. Self tie bow ties, however, are making a comeback in fashionable men's wear today in a big way. They make an elegant statement, combined with a sense of fun, while giving a nod to every man's personal fashion style.

While men's ties were once used to effectively close the gap in the necklines of their shirts, today's ties are normally worn more for fashion than for function. Men of all ages look handsome in bow ties. Learning to tie them by hand is a creative art that can be passed down through the generations.

Bow Ties Are Available In A Wide Range Of Colors And Designs

Today, trendy bow ties can be found in solid colors ranging from traditional black, brown, blues and greens to sharp, daring colors like orange, yellow and red. They are also available in striped designs, as well as in captivating patterns like dots, paisley, plaid and traditional cross-hatch styles. New novelty bow ties available today allow every man to make a statement of individuality. Novelty styles range from 1960's peace signs to holiday designs, paw print styles and animal patterns like zebra and tiger prints.

When a man incorporates a unique bow tie into his dressed up formal look, it allows him to express his own style in ways that are as individual as he is. Innovative design and classy detailing come standard in the selections available these days. There are so many colors and designs found today in neck wear that can help any man make his own personal, original style statement.

Spice Up His Wardrobe With Unique Bow Ties

Every man can now find the perfect bow tie to express his personality and to show some design flair. Men are no longer relegated to simply wearing black, brown and navy neck ties or bow ties when an occasion comes along to dress up. Self tie bow ties add that extra element of surprise, and that personal style expression to any guy's wardrobe.