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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Zebra Print Bow Ties

A lot can be said for the items one chooses to wear and the ways they decide to accessorize each outfit. First impressions are lasting, and just by picking the right piece to add to an ensemble one can exude a confidence that will allow their personality to shine. There are very few items that say more about a person than the bow tie. Bow ties have always been a symbol of class and style, originating in the 18th century amongst France's finest and becoming a prominent symbol of fashion even in our modern day society. Warren St. John of the New York Times even wrote that the bow tie “hints at intellectualism”; and broadcasts an”aggressive lack of concern for what other people think”.

The bow tie has certainly made its mark in the fashion world for quite some time now, and there is no better way to incorporate such a strong vintage piece than to don the staple in the regal zebra print. Exotic and high-fashion, zebra print is one of the most highly sought after designs in the latest of neckwear. Combining these two elements will not only set the wearer apart from anyone else in the crowd, but will be a proverbial show stopper within any social circle.

Zebra print bow ties can be worn by a variety of different people in many different settings. A professional man may feel that the regular suit-and-tie look becomes monotonous after settling on the same old solid or print neck tie and suit day after day. However, for that meeting or promotional endeavor, by placing a zebra print bow tie around his neck with a supple black suit and vibrantly colored dress shirt he is setting himself apart from the crowd. He's telling his boss and his colleagues that he has style, and that he is aware of his strong sense of self. This unique attire will not only catch the eye of his boss but also that of potential future clients!

Zebra print bow ties are not reserved solely for the professional man, however. These intense fashion icons can also be the perfect item to show off during date night. Women are constantly bombarded by a plethora of men wearing a variety of the same old look. When a man puts on a pair of jeans with a sport coat and a button down dress shirt, it is easy for him to be lost in the crowd, making it difficult for his unique and exciting personality to show. By selecting this “one of a kind” style, he is showing his date that there is something more to him than the Regular Joe types she may have previously met.

Interesting and charming, zebra print is a confident way to modernize the classic and regal bow tie. These items are a one of a kind and speak volumes toward personal style. Combining the funky and chic zebra print with vintage classic says that the wearer is self-aware, unique, and not afraid to stand out!  


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