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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Things To Know About Boys Bow Ties Before Buying

Bow ties can be great for any occasion and are a great way to dress up for a special event. Although they have decreased in popularity among men, they are still incredibly popular for boys of all ages as they can take an outfit from plain to classy and adorable at the same time. While bow ties may seem pretty straightforward, there are actually a few things anyone should know about them before choosing one to buy. Of course they will make any child look like a gentleman, but here are some other things to know about boys bow ties.

Fabric Or Bow
The first thing anyone should know about bow ties (for all ages, including boys) is that they will generally come in two formats. The first option is a piece of fabric that is designed to be tied in a bow and the other one is a bow which is already tied and attaches in some other way. The boys bow ties that come already tied are perfect for younger children as in most cases they will be securely held in place with a clasp, meaning that a child is not likely to accidentally pull it apart. Some people, however, like to have more options for wearing their bow ties and if that is the case, the ones that need to be tied are the better option.

Tying The Bow
If a person opts for the bow tie that is not premade, they will have to learn how to tie a bow and the good news is it is fairly easy (as long as the child wearing it cooperates). First drape the tie around the child’s neck (underneath their collar). Have the part on the right side hang lower (by about 1.5 inches) than the other side. Cross the longer side over the shorter one being sure to do so close to the neck.
Now bring the long end through the loop to make a loose overhand knot. Take the piece on the bottom and pull it to the left, folding it over on top of itself towards the right. Hold onto the fold and bring the top piece over it. Pinch the two sides of the horizontal piece together with the dangling end between them. Bring the dangling end through the first knot. They can now tighten the bow if they need to.

As with bow ties for adults, the ones for boys can come in a variety of materials. This means that it is easy to find the right one to fit any outfit or occasion, ranging from more casual options to elegant ones. There are certain fabrics, such as wool, which are common for normal ties, but are rarely used for bow ties. When it comes to bow ties for boys, however, the most common fabrics are generally polyester, silk, cotton or a mix of some sort. Because boys are young enough to pull off any look, they can find bow tie patterns ranging from plain neutral or classic colors to polka dots, stripes or even checkered patterns.


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