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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Knit Bow Tie Fashions

There are many trends and styles that grace the scene of the fashion industry. Many of these styles come and go. It is quite the standard for fashion hits of the past to make major comeback years later. There is however one style that has been around for years and seems to grow more popular year after year. Bow ties are a fashion trendsetting accessory that has graced the wardrobes of both male and female. Vibrant colors, popping patterns and various fabrics make bow ties the easiest go to piece to turn blah into a blast. These popular pieces are worn as dress wear, formal wear, casual and events for an upscale, jazzy look.

Bow ties are available in several different options to provide ease of wear for those who have a preference. This makes the bow tie option a much easier choice for those who desire to accessorize the look without the fuss and chaos of doing too much. The convenience and easy wear benefit of the knit bow tie makes it a great accessory for people of all ages. It’s a quick and easy add on with convenient removal as well.

Some prefer the pre-tied bow tie option. This type of tie assures that there will always be a perfect knot for presentation. This tie is usually available with a banded option that wraps the neck and self attaches. To continue a flawless look, the band attachment is usually a perfect match with the bow tie. These elegantly handsome pieces are available in an assortment of patterns such as stripes, polka dots, twin toned and novelties as well.

The knit bow tie delivers style, class and pizzazz all in one package. That look is completely obtainable even for those that aren’t familiar with or don’t care to deal with the hassle of tying the tie. The clip on bow tie is a bit easier to wear. The clip on feature takes nothing away from the fabulous style of the knit bow tie. The most vivacious styles with vivid and brightly enhanced colors are a favorite among the famous clip on tie.

For those that choose to keep the spice in life by doing things their way, there is the option of the self tie bow ties. This approach allows the person wearing the tie to develop his own personal style and accentuate his personality through the style pattern of which he ties his bow tie. This option will require a bit more time considering that the entire tying process must be done from beginning to end.

There is a minimum amount of maintenance required for the bow tie because it is easy to care for and very easy to store. The soft fabric makes it comfortable to wear and the durability of the fabric makes it easy to clean. Group organizations, religious groups, schools and entertainment groups are examples of different genres that style the traditional bow tie in a contemporary manner. Choose the style, choose the color and then sport the look.   


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