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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tie Tacks

Tie tacks (sometimes referred to as tie pins) are often a welcomed accessory to any tie collection and they can be selected from a vast variety of themes and styles. The themes that are available range from airplanes, ships, national flags, musical instruments, animals to religious symbols, flowers and much, much more. The range of themes is truly broad and is sure to carry something of interest to anyone in need of a tie pin. There are also tie tacks based on popular cartoon characters and dinosaurs to appeal to children who wear ties for special events. Some of the more common themes are holiday oriented tie pins and tie pins that display a team or membership affiliation.

Tie pins, or tacks are essentially decorative pins that are designed to secure two layers of a tie together, the front to the back. They are known to date back to the 19th century and they are almost always made from different selections of metals such as gold, silver, platinum, pewter or brass and sometimes using strong plastic such as a 3D printed version, depending on the manufacturer. It is not uncommon to find selections that have been engraved with the name of the owner, initials or the name of an event that holds special meaning. There are also many collectibles that have been set with precious gemstones and diamonds.

Most tie pins are constructed to also include a chain attached to the back of the pins base, with a weighted piece of metal at the end of the chain to serve as an anchor. The chain is intended to be used by inserting it, anchor first through a buttonhole on the shirt. This is for limiting the neckties movement from wind or from posturing, by keeping it leashed or anchored to the shirt with the chain. This often prevents embarrassing moments from occurring where a tie might drape into a serving of food.

Interesting to note, securing the tie to the shirt and serving as an embellishment is not the only usage. Often times it is found that neckties are crafted from materials that are easy to wrinkle, tie pins can help keep wrinkles from forming. This is because since the 1870's, these tacks or pins have been used to assist the tie in lying flat and straight against the body.

Tie tacks have long made for great gifts for those special moments such as Father's Day, Graduations, Birthdays, Promotions, Club Membership or for those who simply enjoy collecting. It is recommended that pins or tacks that have thin pins be sought after, as this minimizes the potential for damaging the cloth of the tie when the pin is inserted.


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