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Friday, October 4, 2013

Smiley Face Socks - Fun to Wear While Offering a Fashion Statement

When it comes to that perfect birthday present or other gifts, more and more people surfing the Internet are finding smiley face socks that literally bring a smile to their faces. In fact, everyone seems to be smiling when receiving or wearing a pair of these happy smiley face socks that come in adult and youth sizes at a popular online website that also features free shipping.

Keeping Smiling with Cool Socks

Another aspect of smiley faces - being featured on attractive looking socks sold online – is linked to the smiley face history. According to a Smithsonian American Culture exhibit in Washington, D.C., the smiley face was first introduced back in 1963. In turn, this representation of a human face smiling has become a sort of pop culture icon since the Sixties. Today, the smiley face has been adapted to the digital and Internet culture where smiley faces are common when sending text messages.

Classic Yellow Smile on Face Socks

Moreover, the use of a yellow circle - with two black dots for eyes and a black arc for the mouth – creates a classic “Smiley” that is now hugely popular on socks of all shapes and sizes. While a smiley face is often used online as a generic symbol for some emotion, the fans of smiley face socks think along the same lines. For instance, a happy smiley face sock customer said he likes to wear his smileys when he is a bit down, or even depressed. He said the simple act of wearing socks that smile back always seem to lift his spirits.

Smiley Face Sock Comes in Every Size

Because a pair of these yellow face socks are priced to sell fast, it is easy and convenient to order a dozen or more pairs online with free shipping from top websites that carry these unique socks. In fact, just about anyone and everyone smiles broadly when either receiving a pair of smiley socks as a gift, or simply wearing a pair to express joy about life and how one is feeling on a particular day. The smile face socks are featured in a cotton and nylon-polyester blend.

The socks are available in men’s and women’s adult size medium (fits shoe size 5-10) and adult size large (fits shoe size 7-12). In addition, there are various youth sizes and all sorts of different brightly colored designs.

For instance, there are many unique names given to these smiley socks, including:

- Grande smiley socks
- Happy camper smiley socks
- Happy crazy smiley stripes socks
- Rainbow smiles socks
- Smile mismatched socks
- Smiley socks on yellow

In general, there is a wide range of sizes and colors of smiley socks that the whole family can enjoy on a daily basis. For example, one happy smiley face customer says she wears a different pair each day of the week because the face with a smile on her socks tends to bring her good luck and lots of “smiles” from friends who spot her socks.


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