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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How To Select Great Ties For Men

Choosing and coordinating great ties for men does not need to be a difficult task. A tie and shirt combination will ensure that you are dressed for almost any occasion. Whether you are dressing for the office or frequenting a restaurant after work, a tie and shirt will make you look more polished. The secret to combining shirt colors and great ties for men requires study. With a little research, you can master the skill.

Fabric Types

One of the best ways to tell if you are buying a quality tie is to look at the fabric. High-quality ties also have linings that are made from 100 percent wool. Look for ties with hand-stitched hems, because they will keep their shape much better than a tie with a hem made from a machine. The slip stitch and bar tack helps to maintain the tie and keep it from separating. The tie should come up to the top of your belt buckle when you put it on. If you are buying your ties online, then measure one of your favorite ties. Silk ties are perfect for business suits. A silk tie will have a deeper color and texture.

How To Match Colors

The tie you select to match your suit should have at least one color that accents the suit. Formal occasions call for a solid colored tie that is much darker than your shirt. If you choose a solid tie, you can be sure that it will go with most colored shirts and suits. Choose a color that complements your skin color. For example, if your hair and skin color is light, then go with a darker tie color.

Patterned shirts look best with ties that have only one or two colors. If you are wearing a solid colored shirt, then go with a tie that has a pattern of several colors. Make sure all colors complement each other to avoid a harsh look. If you are in doubt about your color, stick with a basic white shirt and a simple tie. Don't mix patterns that are too much alike.

Care for your ties by following manufacturers suggestions. Don't wash a tie that should be dry cleaned. If you purchase a knit tie, then store the tie rolled up like your socks to prevent stretching. It takes a little practice, but you can master the art of finding just the right tie to go with everything. 


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