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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Extra Long Ties - When Are They Necessary?

When it comes to traditional formal wear, women have choices that can range between fancy blouses and gowns for exquisite occasions and men can rely on proper dress suits and eye-grabbing neckties. But not every man's neck belongs to a guy with a regular height of 5'8". To accommodate gentlemen of an increased size, whether they find themselves extended in the width or height categories, an extra long necktie is the answer to that dressing equation.

Before wrapping an elegant extra long silk tie around yourself into a popular Windsor tie knot for a special evening event, consider the typical length that these elongated accessories typically are created in. On average, you will find a customary extra long necktie constructed between the range of 61 and 63 inches in length. With the standard size of regular neckties being approximately 58 inches, the additional 3-5 inches of fabric allows for taller and heavier men to wear a tie that lands closer to their belt, as opposed to an awkward short formation that barely surpasses the chest region.

Now that we have established the size requirements that categorize a necktie as being "extra long," who would be the ideal customer that these bigger fashion accoutrements are primarily designed for? Normally men that are at least 6'2" in height would be the type of men that could fit into the extra long tie lane with the greatest of ease. But size doesn't just matter in the vertical realm. Bulkier males, whether highly muscular or overweight, also completely benefit from the purchase of extra long ties when building their formal wardrobe selection.

Neck size is an additional consideration when deciding whether you going to go the regular tie route or will be upgrading into extra long territory. Men that possess necks that are 17.5" or larger definitely qualify for the size benefits of dressing up in extra long neckties. Also, if you enjoy learning new necktie knots and trying them out to add a bit of visual excitement to your current ensemble, the additional length that an extra long tie provides will allow you to not have to force yourself into limiting your experimentation possibilities.

If you are not really a fan of having to twist the perfect necktie knot before your special outings with family members and close friends, be on the lookout for extra long clip-on neckties that provide the same lightning-fast application results as regular clip-on ties. There is also no need to worry about having to compromise on style and fashion-forward flavors when shopping for these longer ties. You can still spruce up your appearance with an extensive amount of extra long vibrant solid color ties, striped color contrasts, artistic print patterns and vivacious variations in textures and fabric qualities.

Why force yourself to have to cover up your stifled tie length with a vest to hide the inferior size of your tie? Open up your clothing options with the business-savvy and radiant nightlife-ready design choices that exist with extra long neckties for larger men.


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