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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Choosing Ties for Kids

Ties have been a part of men's fashion since the late 17th century. The earlier incarnation of the modern-day tie was the cravat, a thick piece of fabric that was worn wrapped around the neck with the ends tucked into the collar. In the present, there are many types styles of ties. What was just once a style for men, is now a fashion choice for both children and women.

The first tie style widely worn was referred to as a "Steinkirk." The fabric was thick like the traditional cravat but cut longer. The ends were twisted and passed through a jacket buttonhole to secure it. In the 19th century, the cravat evolved very close to what we know as the modern-day tie. Every well-dressed man and young master not only wore a tie, he also knew several different ways to tie it as described in the popular book "Neckclothitania."

As men's ties have evolved, so have ties for kids. There are many different types to choose from now. The major styles of ties are:

Traditional: These ties are the type you tie around the collar, and come in both solid colors and prints. Most ties for boys are the perfect size for women to use to accessorize with, as men's ties are often too long. Uniform or School Ties are usually traditionally-styled, however they have an insignia that signifies membership in an organization or attendance of a particular school.

Bow Ties: This type of tie may come pre-tied or will need to be tied around the collar.

Clip-on Ties: These are ties that require no tying. They have a small clip that attaches to the collar. Both traditional and bow ties come in this style. These are a great choice for a child that cannot yet tie a tie, yet wants to dress himself.

Zipper Ties: These are one of the newest styles available and they require no tying skills for kids and aren't frustrating. They are worn by tightening or loosening via a zipper. These are a great choice for kids who don't want to wear a clip-on tie, and want a tie that goes around the collar.

Less common styles of ties are:
Skinny Ties: Very popular in the early 1960’s and 1980's for both men and women.
Wide Ties: In the late 1960's into the 1970’s, ties returned to their original cravat width-of 4 to 5-inches across, and came in vivid colors and designs.

Choosing Ties for Kids

Getting your child acquainted with different styles of ties will let them find the style they like best. Some kids love wearing bow ties, others want to learn to tie their own traditional ties as soon as they can. Additionally, zipper ties are one of the most convenient styles of tie, as the zipper mechanism that allows the tie to fit around your child's collar exactly as he wants it.

As you can see, there are a lot of choices in ties for kids. Make wearing a tie something your child will look forward to doing. Let them look at different patterns, styles, and see what they like best. When he is ready, work with him on how to tie his own tie, how to adjust a zipper tie, or even how to put a bow tie in place perfectly every time. Make it fun and you'll have a child that will be creating occasions to wear his ties.        


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