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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tie Tacks

Tie tacks (sometimes referred to as tie pins) are often a welcomed accessory to any tie collection and they can be selected from a vast variety of themes and styles. The themes that are available range from airplanes, ships, national flags, musical instruments, animals to religious symbols, flowers and much, much more. The range of themes is truly broad and is sure to carry something of interest to anyone in need of a tie pin. There are also tie tacks based on popular cartoon characters and dinosaurs to appeal to children who wear ties for special events. Some of the more common themes are holiday oriented tie pins and tie pins that display a team or membership affiliation.

Tie pins, or tacks are essentially decorative pins that are designed to secure two layers of a tie together, the front to the back. They are known to date back to the 19th century and they are almost always made from different selections of metals such as gold, silver, platinum, pewter or brass and sometimes using strong plastic such as a 3D printed version, depending on the manufacturer. It is not uncommon to find selections that have been engraved with the name of the owner, initials or the name of an event that holds special meaning. There are also many collectibles that have been set with precious gemstones and diamonds.

Most tie pins are constructed to also include a chain attached to the back of the pins base, with a weighted piece of metal at the end of the chain to serve as an anchor. The chain is intended to be used by inserting it, anchor first through a buttonhole on the shirt. This is for limiting the neckties movement from wind or from posturing, by keeping it leashed or anchored to the shirt with the chain. This often prevents embarrassing moments from occurring where a tie might drape into a serving of food.

Interesting to note, securing the tie to the shirt and serving as an embellishment is not the only usage. Often times it is found that neckties are crafted from materials that are easy to wrinkle, tie pins can help keep wrinkles from forming. This is because since the 1870's, these tacks or pins have been used to assist the tie in lying flat and straight against the body.

Tie tacks have long made for great gifts for those special moments such as Father's Day, Graduations, Birthdays, Promotions, Club Membership or for those who simply enjoy collecting. It is recommended that pins or tacks that have thin pins be sought after, as this minimizes the potential for damaging the cloth of the tie when the pin is inserted.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Choosing Ties for Kids

Ties have been a part of men's fashion since the late 17th century. The earlier incarnation of the modern-day tie was the cravat, a thick piece of fabric that was worn wrapped around the neck with the ends tucked into the collar. In the present, there are many types styles of ties. What was just once a style for men, is now a fashion choice for both children and women.

The first tie style widely worn was referred to as a "Steinkirk." The fabric was thick like the traditional cravat but cut longer. The ends were twisted and passed through a jacket buttonhole to secure it. In the 19th century, the cravat evolved very close to what we know as the modern-day tie. Every well-dressed man and young master not only wore a tie, he also knew several different ways to tie it as described in the popular book "Neckclothitania."

As men's ties have evolved, so have ties for kids. There are many different types to choose from now. The major styles of ties are:

Traditional: These ties are the type you tie around the collar, and come in both solid colors and prints. Most ties for boys are the perfect size for women to use to accessorize with, as men's ties are often too long. Uniform or School Ties are usually traditionally-styled, however they have an insignia that signifies membership in an organization or attendance of a particular school.

Bow Ties: This type of tie may come pre-tied or will need to be tied around the collar.

Clip-on Ties: These are ties that require no tying. They have a small clip that attaches to the collar. Both traditional and bow ties come in this style. These are a great choice for a child that cannot yet tie a tie, yet wants to dress himself.

Zipper Ties: These are one of the newest styles available and they require no tying skills for kids and aren't frustrating. They are worn by tightening or loosening via a zipper. These are a great choice for kids who don't want to wear a clip-on tie, and want a tie that goes around the collar.

Less common styles of ties are:
Skinny Ties: Very popular in the early 1960’s and 1980's for both men and women.
Wide Ties: In the late 1960's into the 1970’s, ties returned to their original cravat width-of 4 to 5-inches across, and came in vivid colors and designs.

Choosing Ties for Kids

Getting your child acquainted with different styles of ties will let them find the style they like best. Some kids love wearing bow ties, others want to learn to tie their own traditional ties as soon as they can. Additionally, zipper ties are one of the most convenient styles of tie, as the zipper mechanism that allows the tie to fit around your child's collar exactly as he wants it.

As you can see, there are a lot of choices in ties for kids. Make wearing a tie something your child will look forward to doing. Let them look at different patterns, styles, and see what they like best. When he is ready, work with him on how to tie his own tie, how to adjust a zipper tie, or even how to put a bow tie in place perfectly every time. Make it fun and you'll have a child that will be creating occasions to wear his ties.        

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Where To Buy Zip Ties

Zip ties are for men who want a change from the traditional tie and don't want to tie a knot every morning. For those who cannot tie a knot on a traditional tie a, zip tie is an ideal option as well. These zip ties are good for elderly men, too, who may have arthritis of the hands and find it difficult to tie a knot on a regular basis. Anyone with a hand injury can benefit from these zip ties also. They are easier to use and still can be just as stylish as any other tie available on the market today. If you are wondering where to buy zip ties you don't need to be alarmed. They are sold regularly as they are in high demand just as the traditional knot tie. Its pricing is also affordable.

It can be worn for all different kinds of occasions; there are many styles to choose from. They can be worn for formal and informal settings. They come in novelty holiday festive designs too. Anything you can think of will be represented. They come in stripes, solid colors, dots, paisley prints, embossed designs, diamond, plaid, checkered and many more variations, all different colors and lengths. They are made with different fabrics too. It can easily become your favorite type of tie as it has many options to fit into everyday life.

Where to buy zip ties for young boys? Wherever you buy zip ties for men will have smaller lengths suitable for young boys maybe even infants. The whole family can be stylish with the convenience of a zip tie. They can be used for holidays, weddings and church.

How To Use a Zip Tie

They might be a new clothing item to some, so here are some tips.
Put the tie around your neck
Pull the knot up to your neck
Slide the zipper and find the perfect fit
To take it off pull the zipper down, loosen the tie around the collar.

Why Choose Zip Ties?

When searching where to buy zip ties for yourself or a man in your life, comparing the other types of ties will help make sure zip ties are the best option.
The clip on tie might be compared to he zip tie. Men have said the zip tie wins in comparison because it's more versatile and can be worn for more dressy occasions. It’s also more sturdy.

There are zip ties in the market to fit the needs of every man. They can be a great addition to any closet. They can have you looking good and feeling confident. They are available in stores and sold online, so go find the right zip tie for your wardrobe! They are surely going to win you over and have you wanting more of them.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Shamrock Outline Socks

Socks are one of the comfiest accessories. They keep the feet warm and cozy, and are a signature piece of clothing in which  to kick back and relax at the end of a hard day. They are especially comforting during the cold months. Socks can also be a statement and a vital fashion accessory. They can showcase attitude and mood whether the wearer is out and about showing them off or just lounging around at home watching a movie or relaxing by the fire. Plain old white socks may be easy and simple, but they don't promote individuality. Little things like changing up the color or design can help brighten up the wearer's day.

Those of Irish descent will love to celebrate and share their colorful and unique heritage with Shamrock outline socks. These socks feature quirky bright green shamrocks over a black background. The contrast of the two colors makes the green pop and catches the eye of passersby. They are a delight to wear, if for enjoying a cozy evening at home or out running an errand. They are sure to brighten up the wearer's attitude and promote a comfy mood.

The Shamrock outline socks are a unique, novelty item and are one of a kind. These socks would make a thoughtful gift for birthdays, holidays, graduations, or other events. They are a perfect solution for the stressful process of deciding on a special gift for an important person. They're guaranteed to be appreciated and cherished for their unique design and heart felt meaning. Shamrock socks also make a great Saint Patrick's Day accessory! They are the perfect "green" clothing item for that day of the year when everyone is donning the color.

Not only are Shamrock Outline socks a cute novelty item, they are also made to deliver the best quality. They are carefully crafted with a sturdy blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex to deliver a firm fit and long lasting quality. The expert blend of material ensures the highest quality of comfort for the wearer whether wearing them around the house or with shoes. These socks are soft and cozy to the touch and are sure to keep your feet warm in a cold environment. They are guaranteed to give you the best quality and comfort possible.

These Shamrock socks are available in sizes for adult size medium 9 - 11, as well as ladies' shoe sizes 4 - 10.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Extra Long Ties - When Are They Necessary?

When it comes to traditional formal wear, women have choices that can range between fancy blouses and gowns for exquisite occasions and men can rely on proper dress suits and eye-grabbing neckties. But not every man's neck belongs to a guy with a regular height of 5'8". To accommodate gentlemen of an increased size, whether they find themselves extended in the width or height categories, an extra long necktie is the answer to that dressing equation.

Before wrapping an elegant extra long silk tie around yourself into a popular Windsor tie knot for a special evening event, consider the typical length that these elongated accessories typically are created in. On average, you will find a customary extra long necktie constructed between the range of 61 and 63 inches in length. With the standard size of regular neckties being approximately 58 inches, the additional 3-5 inches of fabric allows for taller and heavier men to wear a tie that lands closer to their belt, as opposed to an awkward short formation that barely surpasses the chest region.

Now that we have established the size requirements that categorize a necktie as being "extra long," who would be the ideal customer that these bigger fashion accoutrements are primarily designed for? Normally men that are at least 6'2" in height would be the type of men that could fit into the extra long tie lane with the greatest of ease. But size doesn't just matter in the vertical realm. Bulkier males, whether highly muscular or overweight, also completely benefit from the purchase of extra long ties when building their formal wardrobe selection.

Neck size is an additional consideration when deciding whether you going to go the regular tie route or will be upgrading into extra long territory. Men that possess necks that are 17.5" or larger definitely qualify for the size benefits of dressing up in extra long neckties. Also, if you enjoy learning new necktie knots and trying them out to add a bit of visual excitement to your current ensemble, the additional length that an extra long tie provides will allow you to not have to force yourself into limiting your experimentation possibilities.

If you are not really a fan of having to twist the perfect necktie knot before your special outings with family members and close friends, be on the lookout for extra long clip-on neckties that provide the same lightning-fast application results as regular clip-on ties. There is also no need to worry about having to compromise on style and fashion-forward flavors when shopping for these longer ties. You can still spruce up your appearance with an extensive amount of extra long vibrant solid color ties, striped color contrasts, artistic print patterns and vivacious variations in textures and fabric qualities.

Why force yourself to have to cover up your stifled tie length with a vest to hide the inferior size of your tie? Open up your clothing options with the business-savvy and radiant nightlife-ready design choices that exist with extra long neckties for larger men.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Garters for Men

Garters are a clothing accessory that men and women both use for many reasons. Sock garters and shirt garters are the most common ones used by men. They usually act in a similar manner to suspenders. Generally, garters help keep certain parts of clothing properly in place. For example, sock garters will keep socks from sliding down someone’s foot.

Garters for men are becoming more and more popular. This accessory has been largely overlooked in recent years. It appears this phase is over and they are now making a comeback. There are many reasons for this shift in attitude towards garters made for guys. The most obvious reason is probably how great they look and how useful they are.

There are certain times of the year that some men like to get special garters to match the current occasion. It can add some fun and excitement to special events and holidays. While some garters will be hidden from public view anyway, it’s a similar tradition to wearing holiday socks or boxers. Plus, if someone wants to show off their sock garters they can always roll up their pant legs to show them to somebody.

Some men simply enjoy getting dressed up using certain themes. It may be their way of getting into the spirit of a special day, such as a holiday. The more ways they can match a particular theme the happier they are. For these folks, themed garters can be a great addition to their outfits.

Garters for men can be great for gifts. There are some men who use them already who would love to get new ones as a present. There are also some guys who don’t use them yet, but would benefit from them. Garters may become their new favorite clothing accessory even if they never considered them before. Since they come in many different themes, colors and designs they can be suited to fit almost any man’s style.

There is something about garters that represents elegance. When a lot of people think about them, they imagine rich and powerful men. Usually, these types of traits attract people of all backgrounds to buy a particular product. Who doesn’t want to appear rich and powerful? Wearing garters is a great idea for men who want to feel more sophisticated.

The most important reason why garters for men are great for guys of all backgrounds is convenience. After all, they do have a functioning purpose. They can be helpful for men who have shirts that come un-tucked or socks that sag down throughout the day. This simple correction can lead to men being more productive, since they have one less thing they have to worry about.

Although garters might not be the first thing that men think of purchasing, there are many benefits to doing so. They are functional and stylish for men of all ages. Garters make good gifts as well and there is one that suites every personality. When looking for something that is affordable and classy at the same time, garters are something to be considered.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Smiley Face Socks - Fun to Wear While Offering a Fashion Statement

When it comes to that perfect birthday present or other gifts, more and more people surfing the Internet are finding smiley face socks that literally bring a smile to their faces. In fact, everyone seems to be smiling when receiving or wearing a pair of these happy smiley face socks that come in adult and youth sizes at a popular online website that also features free shipping.

Keeping Smiling with Cool Socks

Another aspect of smiley faces - being featured on attractive looking socks sold online – is linked to the smiley face history. According to a Smithsonian American Culture exhibit in Washington, D.C., the smiley face was first introduced back in 1963. In turn, this representation of a human face smiling has become a sort of pop culture icon since the Sixties. Today, the smiley face has been adapted to the digital and Internet culture where smiley faces are common when sending text messages.

Classic Yellow Smile on Face Socks

Moreover, the use of a yellow circle - with two black dots for eyes and a black arc for the mouth – creates a classic “Smiley” that is now hugely popular on socks of all shapes and sizes. While a smiley face is often used online as a generic symbol for some emotion, the fans of smiley face socks think along the same lines. For instance, a happy smiley face sock customer said he likes to wear his smileys when he is a bit down, or even depressed. He said the simple act of wearing socks that smile back always seem to lift his spirits.

Smiley Face Sock Comes in Every Size

Because a pair of these yellow face socks are priced to sell fast, it is easy and convenient to order a dozen or more pairs online with free shipping from top websites that carry these unique socks. In fact, just about anyone and everyone smiles broadly when either receiving a pair of smiley socks as a gift, or simply wearing a pair to express joy about life and how one is feeling on a particular day. The smile face socks are featured in a cotton and nylon-polyester blend.

The socks are available in men’s and women’s adult size medium (fits shoe size 5-10) and adult size large (fits shoe size 7-12). In addition, there are various youth sizes and all sorts of different brightly colored designs.

For instance, there are many unique names given to these smiley socks, including:

- Grande smiley socks
- Happy camper smiley socks
- Happy crazy smiley stripes socks
- Rainbow smiles socks
- Smile mismatched socks
- Smiley socks on yellow

In general, there is a wide range of sizes and colors of smiley socks that the whole family can enjoy on a daily basis. For example, one happy smiley face customer says she wears a different pair each day of the week because the face with a smile on her socks tends to bring her good luck and lots of “smiles” from friends who spot her socks.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How To Select Great Ties For Men

Choosing and coordinating great ties for men does not need to be a difficult task. A tie and shirt combination will ensure that you are dressed for almost any occasion. Whether you are dressing for the office or frequenting a restaurant after work, a tie and shirt will make you look more polished. The secret to combining shirt colors and great ties for men requires study. With a little research, you can master the skill.

Fabric Types

One of the best ways to tell if you are buying a quality tie is to look at the fabric. High-quality ties also have linings that are made from 100 percent wool. Look for ties with hand-stitched hems, because they will keep their shape much better than a tie with a hem made from a machine. The slip stitch and bar tack helps to maintain the tie and keep it from separating. The tie should come up to the top of your belt buckle when you put it on. If you are buying your ties online, then measure one of your favorite ties. Silk ties are perfect for business suits. A silk tie will have a deeper color and texture.

How To Match Colors

The tie you select to match your suit should have at least one color that accents the suit. Formal occasions call for a solid colored tie that is much darker than your shirt. If you choose a solid tie, you can be sure that it will go with most colored shirts and suits. Choose a color that complements your skin color. For example, if your hair and skin color is light, then go with a darker tie color.

Patterned shirts look best with ties that have only one or two colors. If you are wearing a solid colored shirt, then go with a tie that has a pattern of several colors. Make sure all colors complement each other to avoid a harsh look. If you are in doubt about your color, stick with a basic white shirt and a simple tie. Don't mix patterns that are too much alike.

Care for your ties by following manufacturers suggestions. Don't wash a tie that should be dry cleaned. If you purchase a knit tie, then store the tie rolled up like your socks to prevent stretching. It takes a little practice, but you can master the art of finding just the right tie to go with everything.