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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Complexities of a Dollar Sign Tie

Fashion can be a rather divisive topic. People often don't even realize that they're involved with it, but every article of clothing we wear can make a statement. Clothing can say a lot about our inner life, the ideas and ideals we hold dear, and what we want to communicate about ourselves to the world. That's the main reason why anyone should give some thought to every aspect of their attire. Even when one thinks an article of clothing will just be a silly lark, he should still think a bit in order to make it the absolute best silly lark possible. For example, consider the dollar sign tie. It's traditionally a way to poke some fun at oneself. But many people might not know that there's a variety of choices for it.

For example, the most traditional form of dollar sign tie is a plain tie decorated with money signs. While a fun design, it's not as eye catching as some of the alternatives. A person considering a tie in that style might instead go with a design that plays on the form of the dollar. One of the most popular examples is the photo-realistic style.

A photo-realistic dollar tie will have actual images of dollars laid out over the surface. One of the main reasons this can be such a powerful tie is that people are naturally drawn to bills. People are subconsciously cued by money and images of them. People's eyes are attracted to images of money, and their impression of whatever it's on will automatically improve. If a person has such a polarizing image on their clothing, it'll instantly draw positive attention to them.

A similar mechanism can be found with another form of money based tie. Instead of bills, the form of currency is coin based. A big difference here is that coins can be more artistically varied than a bill. If green doesn't go with a particular piece of clothing or event, a coin based tie might well be a better fit. The differences in color and design with a coin based tie allows a person a larger coordination due to the different varieties available.

When it comes to mixing and matching styles, one will of course also need to give some thought to the clip. One of the most entertaining aspects of these ties is the fact that there's a wide variety of choices for styled clips to go with them. A dollar sign on one's tie almost calls for a dollar sign based clip as well. One of the most classic choices is to use a clip which goes with the choice one didn't take on the tie. For example, if one uses a bill styled tie, he might choose to compliment it with a coin based clip. If one goes with a coin styled tie, he might decide to go with a bill themed clip. It can be a fun way of covering all bases at the same time and getting the best of both worlds.    


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