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Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Bow Tie Set

Bow ties are the height of formal wear for men. They can be seen at all types of formal functions including weddings, graduations, cocktail parties, and business meetings. Many young men wear them when they are trying to look dressed up whether it is for a formal or social function. Their use dates back to the 1700s when the scarves for holding the top of shirts together worn by Croatian mercenaries during the Prussian wars was transformed by the men in the French upper class. When Pierre Lorillard V invented the tuxedo in 1886 he paired it with the black bow tie and created a look that has been deemed appropriate for men at formal functions until this day.

But the bow tie, in a wide range of unique colors, sizes and designs, has begun to make inroads in modern society. Not only are they worn by magicians and clowns, fashion mavericks have even begun to wear them at casual events or even as part of business casual attire. Today it is becoming commonplace to see men wearing a bow tie with a button down shirt and a pair of jeans. The truly confident wear large or crazily colored bow ties to any kind of gathering. Those bow ties draw attention to themselves and often become conversation pieces.

The basic bow tie is made from a ribbon of fabric tied symmetrically around the collar with a loop on both ends. Ready-tied bow ties with a band which goes around the neck are common because few men nowadays actually know how to tie a bow tie freehand. The other popular type of bow tie in common use is called clip-ons. Clip-on bow ties have small metal clips which are used to fasten the bow tie to the collar of a shirt. Although bow ties can be made of just about any fabric, they are commonly made of cotton, polyester, silk, wool or some combination of them. The best bow ties are usually made of silk.

 The bow tie set is composed of a bow tie with a matching hankie that is usually worn folded in the breast pocket of the outfit's jacket. These seem to be traditionally associated with serious, formal, Old World types. They are often worn by old country doctors, magicians, lawyers, professors and scientists. It's usually a sign someone has special knowledge(or at least those who wear them believe this). The people who wear them at formal gatherings are generally looked upon as men deserving of respect. Today even the jokester wearing the giant neon bow tie is looked upon as being different, special or unusual. Someone who is not bound by the conventions of the average person. Indeed, the man who wears the bow tie set is a man apart.

Do you want to make a fashion statement that resonates with the masses all over the world? Wear a bow tie set.


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