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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Saxophone Ties - Just So Cool!

In the world of business, a tie is often little more than an afterthought; a fashionable accessory that grants entry to an office or restaurant. But in the world of music, a tie can be anything the wearer wants it to be: a painting, a joke, a message, a puzzle. The saxophone tie, with its iconic sax depicted in a multitude of ways, fits that bill quite nicely.

There is, perhaps, no better instrument than the saxophone to use as a graphic motif. With its sensuous, elongated form and intricate arrays of finger pads and stops, it seems more like a fantastical machine than a musical instrument. Saxophone ties take full advantage of that fantasy in both color and pattern.

The ties come in every imaginable hue and color combination; everything from staid browns and beiges to psychedelic rainbows. There is always an edginess to them, a sense of razzle-dazzle and a bit of rebellion against the norm.

The patterns run the gamut. There are ties where one, almost life-sized sax covers the entire fabric. There are ties with saxes so tiny they seem almost conventional until viewed close up, turning what, at first glance, looked like common paisley into pinwheels of minute, musical instruments. There are ties depicting various animals playing saxophones; everything from elephants to crocodiles. There are even ties populated by saxophone-playing, mythological creatures. There are ties bearing messages of love for and attachment to one’s saxophone. There are ties boasting of a saxophone player’s prowess; mostly, but not necessarily related to music. Beyond that, customers can add their own logos or messages to a mass-produced design or even create a personal design of their own.

Saxophone ties with their cool images and catchy colors evoke indelible memories both in those who wear them and those who see them being worn. Cannonball Adderley, John Coltrane, Stan Getz, even a former President of the United States make people recall sights and sounds of where they were and whom they were with on a day of fun or a night of romance. There is always a statement being made. I was there, be it at a world famous jazz festival or a smoky nightclub where some legendary saxophonist gave one of his or her history-making performances. I love music. I love being with people who love and make music. I’m hip to it and so are they. That’s the message that comes with wearing a saxophone tie.


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