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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Accent Your Outfits and Show School Spirit with the UVA Tie

When it comes to choosing ties for men, the styles available in the line of ties featuring the colors of the University of Virginia can be coordinated with both casual and formal attire. Not only do these ties come in distinctive colors and patterns, they are also created to be durable and long lasting.

Dress in Style with University Ties

The UVA tie comes in the classic colors that reflect the teams represented by this school. The diagonally striped pattern alternates the orange and blue colors to create a visually distinctive pattern that can be worn with different garments. The navy blue used in this pattern can be coordinated with a navy blue blazer or a pull-over sweater.

When the University of Virginia tie is added to an outfit made up of gray or navy blue slacks and a crew neck sweater, the top knot of the tie will show the school's colors. The distinctive orange and blue stripe pattern on this tie is accentuated with the addition of the classic V logo used to represent the state of Virginia. In the orange field the V is printed in white with the Cavalier crossed swords underneath it. The blue stripes have a three solid V shapes added into the pattern. The silk material used to create this tie also adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit it is worn with.

Another classic style that can be worn with formal apparel is the tie created with the bold print collegiate V and the word Virginia printed in a repeating pattern. This tie incorporates the colors of gray, orange and navy into the pattern and also includes the official school emblem. This is a great tie to wear with a business suit to show off school spirit for alumni.

Add School Spirit to a Casual Outfit

The UVA tie designed with a color block pattern can be used to enhance the fun side of any casual outfit. This tie has a repeating background pattern made of gray and orange blocks of color. On top of the background blocks, navy blue blocks are added in an alternating pattern so as not to completely cover the colors on the background. It is within the navy blocks of color that the classic white V and crossed swords appear.

This fun tie can be worn with any casual button down shirt with a collar. Trendy college students can create their own street look by adding this school tie to an oversize shirt. This street style is often worn with faded jeans and high tops with the shirt left untucked. This casual attire can be worn at team events or at casual school functions.

Another fun tie to wear with casual outfits is the nostalgic or retro tie. This tie is designed with actual images of old time college team memorabilia. Retro style football helmets, basketballs, pennants and trophies emblazoned with the Virginia state logo can be found on the surface of this uniquely designed tie.


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