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Friday, August 23, 2013

Motorcycle Suspenders

Motorcycle suspenders, also referred to as biker suspenders, are an important component of biking attire; especially if a pair of motorcycle pants comes without belt loops or buttons. The suspenders are used to keeps pants from drooping down, particularly when seated on the bike. Motorcycle pants are made from thick material to resist abrasion. Due to the heavy and bulky nature of the pants, suspenders are often necessary.

Typically, the suspenders are two inches wide and have an X back style. They are made from a wide variety of materials like leather, cotton, or polyester. The clips that attach to the waistline of the pants are either metal or plastic and come in a wide array of designs, such as trigger snaps, button ends or alligator clips. More elaborate suspender clips contain pins that pierce the fabric preventing the pants from falling down. Many bikers choose plastic clips due to their inability to rust; however, the metal clips are stronger and more secure.

Motorcycle suspenders are generally gender-neutral, though a wide variety of designs are available to suit specific tastes like skull and crossbones, flames, American flag, and designer logos like Harley Davidson. The average cost of a pair of suspenders is between 20 and 25 dollars, however leather suspenders average more due to the quality of the material. Because motorcycle pants need to function correctly for safety reasons, many pants incorporate suspenders into the overall design. While these suspenders are removable, they are created to perfectly fit the pants, assuring the rider they will work accordingly.

Functionality is only one aspect of biker suspenders; style is another. While the suspenders are often hidden underneath a motorcycle jacket, suspenders are still considered a fashionable accessory meant to be seen. Particular elements such as material, design, color and shape all play important roles when choosing a pair of suspenders. The “classic” biker image of black and leather are extraordinarily popular among the choices for suspenders. Buckles often adorn leather suspenders for both function and style. These particular suspenders are commonly found on motorcycle policemen.

The concept of pant suspenders is not limited to holding up pants. A common complaint of bike riders led to the creation of pant-cuff suspenders, or biker stirrups. Due to the wind generated from riding a motorcycle, pant legs can rise above the ankle causing uncomfortable or painful riding conditions. An elastic strap with a clip on each end was created to prevent this from occurring. The motorcycle stirrups are placed under the boot and clip onto the cuffs, preventing them from riding upward.


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