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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Colorful Suspenders

 Can Brighten Up Your Wardrobe

Suspenders have been in existence for three centuries. Suspenders at first had a very utilitarian purpose. They were invented to hold trousers up. The first suspenders were very simple; just thin bands of ribbon attached to the buttonholes of mens pants. Since they were considered undergarments, they were kept from view. In the mid 1820s, a British clothing designer started manufacturing “braces,” which is what the British called suspenders. Suspenders were originally designed with straps made of wool. They were connected together to make a configuration that looked similar to an “H,” and called H-back suspenders. H-back suspenders morphed into the X-back, which was later replaced by the Y-back. All three models are still available today.

Suspenders have evolved tremendously since their 18th century debut. They are no longer thought of as undergarments, and they are no longer worn only under the jacket of a suit. Women discovered suspenders as part of the unisex look in the 1970s, and they are still worn today as a fun and colorful fashion accessory. Media pundits have long worn suspenders of various hues, red, blue and yellow seem to be their favorite colors.

In many cases, suspenders still serve a utilitarian purpose. Athletes wear suspenders for various types of events. However, for most people, wearing suspenders has become a trend, a unique fashion statement. The young, and the “young at heart,” love Animal Suspenders. Whether it’s a dog, cat, mouse or raccoon, just about any animal in existence can be found on a pair of suspenders. Spread Christmas cheer with candy cane suspenders or express your love for gardening with gardening and farming suspenders. Plain red suspenders look very professional. The frequent tripper (or armchair traveler), might like Countries of the World designs, such as the Maltese Flag, the Canadian Maple Leaf or the United Kingdom Suspenders.

These are only a few examples. A huge selection of colorful suspenders in various styles is available, with motifs to fit every taste. Suspenders have become a favorite and sporty fashion accessory, not just for men, but for women too.

Suspenders have been in and out of the fashion limelight for over a century, but they have never disappeared completely. To coin a phrase by Mark Twain:

"I came in with Halley’s Comet…. and I expect to go out with it...”~Mark Twain. 

Suspenders are likely here to stay at least for a long time. Suspenders give a person a unique, individual look, and offer a sporty, but classic alternative to a simple belt. Be sure to try on suspenders, or at least measure them before purchase; they are not “one size fits all.”


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