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Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Perfect Outfit for a Big Night

As he scoured his closet for the perfect outfit he picked out a vibrant green shirt with a nice pair of khaki trousers. He carefully chose a dark brown belt with matching shoes to go along with the shirt and trouser ensemble. There was just one piece missing to complete this outfit. It was a big night; he had planned to propose to his longtime girlfriend in front of many of his friends and family at a local restaurant. As he reviewed his selection of ties to determine which one would best compliment his outfit he is quickly drawn to his selection of plaid ties.

Plaid ties for men are not a thing of the past. The designs on current plaid ties for men are colorful and vibrant. The plaid ties really accent an otherwise plain outfit and transform it into a conversation piece. Plaid ties make a bold statement when put together with any outfit. They can be used to add a different color to the palate of the outfit, to accent a color that is already being used in the outfit or just to bring a life to an otherwise dull ensemble.

Gone are the days when plaid ties for men signify your high school math teacher or your great uncle in his polyester suit at your cousin's wedding. Today's plaid ties portray the individual sense of style. There are so many options of plaid ties in the marketplace today bringing together many varieties of patterns and colors. Today's modern man is searching for ties that allow him to express his sense of style and show his personality. Something as simple as a plaid tie can allow him to do just that.

After several minutes of picking and choosing ties from his closet, holding them up against the outfit that is carefully laid out upon his bed, he finally chooses the perfect plaid tie to compliment his outfit. He chooses a green, brown and white checkered plaid tie. The green is a few shade lighter than his shirt but in the same color palate so it compliments the shirt nicely. The brown is almost identical to his belt and shoes and the white adds an extra little accent to the overall outfit.

Satisfied with his choice he quickly gets dressed, checks out his outfit in the mirror, takes a deep breath and heads out to pick up his girlfriend for the big night. As he approaches her door, he feels relaxed and confident and ready to ask her the big question. As the door opens she smiles, give him a gentle kiss on the cheek, looks at his outfit and gives him a compliment on his plaid tie.


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