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Saturday, July 27, 2013

How to Properly Wear an Ascot Tie

Though ascot ties fell out of fashion for a while in favor of the sleeker and more businesslike men's necktie, they're seeing a resurgence among fashionable men in every field. Wearing a mens ascot tie doesn't always follow the rules as a regular necktie, and there are a couple of different style rules that should be observed.

For starters, ascot ties don't have the same look as a regular necktie. While many men know how to choose the right necktie for their figure and the cut of their suit, ascots lay differently than regular ties. The ascot tie shouldn't be confused with the ascot scarf-- while both are neckwear, an ascot scarf is a square of light material (usually silk) that is wrapped around the neck, while an ascot tie is a wide band of pleated fabric that is tied either under or over a collar, and usually held in place with a tack or pin. 

Ascots generally look best if they are made from a stiff fabric, like velvet or brocade, since they are designed to take up a bit more space than a traditional necktie. Some ascots are made of thinner materials, but it can be hard to pull of an appropriately formal "look" without the volume offered by thicker textiles. 

Ascots worn with formal wear should always be tucked into a vest or jacket, regardless of how they are tied. The classic ascot look can be worn over or under the collar. Over the collar is tied around the shirt collar, is suitable for heavy, stiff, or very ornate fabrics, like brocades and velvets, and can be worn in very formal situations. Under the collar is tied around the neck and tucked into the shirt, is suitable for lighter, softer fabrics (since the tie touches the neck itself, avoid using it with itchy and stiff materials), and is suitable for less formal situations.

Doubling the ascot's material over and pinning it in place isn't the only way to wear a mens ascot tie-- some methods involve treating an ascot like a regular necktie. The ruche tie, for example, is similar to the half windsor knot, but the added volume of the mens ascot tie gives it a very different look. It is tied over the collar, with the loose ends tucked into a vest or jacket. It works best with stiff fabrics that allow the knot to maintain its shape, and is suitable in any situation where a men's necktie would be appropriate.

A mens ascot tie is a fantastic way to dress up for an event, while still maintaining a uniquely stylish look.


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