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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Awesome Neckties that Fit Your Style

Whether you're getting ready for a day at the office, want to dress up a somewhat casual outfit, or are preparing for a formal event, awesome neckties can add the finishing touches to your outfit. There are ties out there in a variety of colors, patterns and materials that fit your personal style and make your look instantly more polished.

A leather necktie is both edgy and sophisticated, especially if you choose awesome neckties in neutral colors like black or brown. The ties go great with Italian-cut suits, and add eye-catching texture to a cotton button-down. You can wear a leather tie with a patterned or solid-colored shirt, and ties in jewel tones like burgundy or hunter green look quite distinguished with tan or brown suits.

Silk ties are appropriate for formal occasions, so if you're heading to a wedding or black tie event, look through a selection of awesome neckties in silk to complete your outfit. White or ivory are stunning colors for silk ties, and look crisp and sophisticated against a white dress shirt. Of course, a black necktie, tied in a Windsor knot or ascot-style looks great with a tuxedo or a black suit for a dressy affair like a cocktail party or reception.

Keep in mind that the color of your tie can be the main feature of your outfit, regardless of the material the tie is made from. A hot pink or lime green tie pairs well with a dark or medium gray suit, and deep red or burgundy ties look especially handsome with black suits. White or light gray suits look best with ties in the purple or navy blue family.

If you want to add a little more character to your look, neckties that feature patterns are a great choice. Ties with stripes or chevrons add a subtle bit of attractive fashion to a jean and blazer look, making this outfit appropriate for casual day at work. Or, you can find a patterned tie with a small diamond or floral print to wear to an event where you need to be a little dressed up. Of course, there are also patterned neckties that feature zany prints like cheeseburgers, stars, or lightning bolts. However, these are best reserved for a night out with the guys or a casual family dinner or event.

Right now, slimmer ties seem to be the style of the time.  Skinny ties are available in just about any design you desire.


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