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Friday, July 12, 2013

A Gift That Will Be Apreciated

One of the most common methods for someone to declare his membership in a Masonic Order is by wearing a Masonic tie tack. A simple diamond formed by a speed square and compass, traditional mason's tools for centuries, this tie tack advertises to those who recognize the symbol (both members and non-members in the order) that the wearer is showing pride in his association. Made of a base metal with a gold coloring, the tie tack is 5/16" by 3/8" in size, which makes it subtle enough that only those with sharp eyes or who know what they're looking for will be able to catch the reference.

For Casual or Formal Wear

A Masonic tie tack is something that can be worn to more than just Freemason events and gatherings; it's a great accessory for those who are out and about anytime. Whether someone is making a big presentation at work, pitching a new project to a potential sponsor, or just out on the town for cocktails, this tie tack serves both a practical and a decorative purpose, especially if the accents happen to go well with a gold ring, watch or any other accessories one is wearing to complete their power-look.

Identify Yourself and Others

Perhaps one of the greatest uses of this tie tack is that it clearly identifies the wearer as a member and supporter of a Masonic Order. This means that any other individuals who are masons, or who are interested in becoming masons, will be able to tell the wearer is a member. Often a tie tack, ring or other prominent accessory with the freemason symbol on it is a conversation starter, as people are curious to know more about the wearer and his association with the Order of Freemasons. A great gift, and a lovely accessory, one can't go wrong with this particular tack.


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