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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Seahawks Socks

It's an all time fun thing to wear socks, and our feet need them anyway. Try on one of the Seahawks socks and feel the warmth and comfort glide over your foot. Whether you choose a sock with one color over the entire area, or multi-colored Seahawks socks, you can get your fan on anytime of the year.

Your shopping experience to get these fun socks is no further away than a search on the Internet. Many people over the globe are making these for you, and each one varies in the height and thickness. For instance, the knee high green with the tiger stripe might be your Seahawk sock of choice. The heel is formed with extra support, and just under the knee, a band of elastic holds the sock in place. If you need to run, it won't fall down on the job.

How about the ankle high lime green sock, with super strength around the heal, and soft thickness around the toes. You can wear your shorts, and be in style all day with these little babies. As you warm up during your tennis lesson, you can root for your favorite team. The Seahawk emblem enhances your ankles, and yells that you are a fan.

The next on the sock list is the knee high vertical stripe sock. Interlaced with the emblem, the words “Seahawks” are written on several levels around and around. The toe is a dark blue as well as the heel, which is reinforced for added comfort. Again the band at the top of the sock is there to keep it in place. These are highly recommended for those days that the weather is not so warm, and your tootsies need that extra bit of warmth.

If you have decided to stay in on a blustery day and cheer on the team, slip on the blue and white striped anklets. This pair boasts double thickness and it’s great for those bare feet on the cold tiled floor. Put your favorite robe on and pop some popcorn, while you butter up your favorite game of the day. The Seahawks emblem adorns your ankles. 

The argyle style balances the white, blue and green team colors. At each level the diamond sports your best team’s emblem and screams strength for those Seahawks. They look nice for the winter, or even a spring day with a mini skirt and a warm sweater.

Best yet, a man's mid-calf grey sock is available, with ultra support at the rim for the busy man heading for the game. Or choose the solid blue with a massively gorgeous Seahawks design at the calf. And there’s one last sock of white, with blue heals, and the Seahawk green to stand on.

No matter the sock, the designs have it. Your support is a wonderful thing and the Seahawks socks are out there to make sure you can jump up and down with comfort. Don't be shy about stopping by your favorite store and purchasing a sock to help strengthen your fan base. No matter the size, color or design, it only takes a minute. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

How to Properly Wear an Ascot Tie

Though ascot ties fell out of fashion for a while in favor of the sleeker and more businesslike men's necktie, they're seeing a resurgence among fashionable men in every field. Wearing a mens ascot tie doesn't always follow the rules as a regular necktie, and there are a couple of different style rules that should be observed.

For starters, ascot ties don't have the same look as a regular necktie. While many men know how to choose the right necktie for their figure and the cut of their suit, ascots lay differently than regular ties. The ascot tie shouldn't be confused with the ascot scarf-- while both are neckwear, an ascot scarf is a square of light material (usually silk) that is wrapped around the neck, while an ascot tie is a wide band of pleated fabric that is tied either under or over a collar, and usually held in place with a tack or pin. 

Ascots generally look best if they are made from a stiff fabric, like velvet or brocade, since they are designed to take up a bit more space than a traditional necktie. Some ascots are made of thinner materials, but it can be hard to pull of an appropriately formal "look" without the volume offered by thicker textiles. 

Ascots worn with formal wear should always be tucked into a vest or jacket, regardless of how they are tied. The classic ascot look can be worn over or under the collar. Over the collar is tied around the shirt collar, is suitable for heavy, stiff, or very ornate fabrics, like brocades and velvets, and can be worn in very formal situations. Under the collar is tied around the neck and tucked into the shirt, is suitable for lighter, softer fabrics (since the tie touches the neck itself, avoid using it with itchy and stiff materials), and is suitable for less formal situations.

Doubling the ascot's material over and pinning it in place isn't the only way to wear a mens ascot tie-- some methods involve treating an ascot like a regular necktie. The ruche tie, for example, is similar to the half windsor knot, but the added volume of the mens ascot tie gives it a very different look. It is tied over the collar, with the loose ends tucked into a vest or jacket. It works best with stiff fabrics that allow the knot to maintain its shape, and is suitable in any situation where a men's necktie would be appropriate.

A mens ascot tie is a fantastic way to dress up for an event, while still maintaining a uniquely stylish look.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Perfect Outfit for a Big Night

As he scoured his closet for the perfect outfit he picked out a vibrant green shirt with a nice pair of khaki trousers. He carefully chose a dark brown belt with matching shoes to go along with the shirt and trouser ensemble. There was just one piece missing to complete this outfit. It was a big night; he had planned to propose to his longtime girlfriend in front of many of his friends and family at a local restaurant. As he reviewed his selection of ties to determine which one would best compliment his outfit he is quickly drawn to his selection of plaid ties.

Plaid ties for men are not a thing of the past. The designs on current plaid ties for men are colorful and vibrant. The plaid ties really accent an otherwise plain outfit and transform it into a conversation piece. Plaid ties make a bold statement when put together with any outfit. They can be used to add a different color to the palate of the outfit, to accent a color that is already being used in the outfit or just to bring a life to an otherwise dull ensemble.

Gone are the days when plaid ties for men signify your high school math teacher or your great uncle in his polyester suit at your cousin's wedding. Today's plaid ties portray the individual sense of style. There are so many options of plaid ties in the marketplace today bringing together many varieties of patterns and colors. Today's modern man is searching for ties that allow him to express his sense of style and show his personality. Something as simple as a plaid tie can allow him to do just that.

After several minutes of picking and choosing ties from his closet, holding them up against the outfit that is carefully laid out upon his bed, he finally chooses the perfect plaid tie to compliment his outfit. He chooses a green, brown and white checkered plaid tie. The green is a few shade lighter than his shirt but in the same color palate so it compliments the shirt nicely. The brown is almost identical to his belt and shoes and the white adds an extra little accent to the overall outfit.

Satisfied with his choice he quickly gets dressed, checks out his outfit in the mirror, takes a deep breath and heads out to pick up his girlfriend for the big night. As he approaches her door, he feels relaxed and confident and ready to ask her the big question. As the door opens she smiles, give him a gentle kiss on the cheek, looks at his outfit and gives him a compliment on his plaid tie.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ties and Bowties for Kids

Kids ties and bowties are a great way to add that extra sophisticated looking finishing touch to any little boy's outfit. Not to mention to the fact that any child looks absolutely adorable in a tie or bowtie. Ties and bowties are both inexpensive items and a way to bring that extra element of class to any ensemble.

Just like for men, ties and bowties for boys come in a variety of patterns, styles and materials. For special holidays, just like their dads or older brothers, kids can sport a holiday themed tie; for example, a menorah tie for Hanukkah. Christmas ties and bowties are always a popular commodity, especially amongst youngsters; consider a fun themed pattern such as snowmen, presents, Christmas trees, or Santa Clauses. For a dressier Christmas style tie or bowtie, go for an elegant Christmas colored plaid.

Kids ties and bowties do not just need to be for picture day and special events, however. These accessories come in all kinds of fun and playful patterns that are appropriate for everyday casual wear, or simply for fun. Ties and bowties come in all kinds of different novelty patterns, from polka dots and stripes to different animals, to sports related themes.

Sometimes finding a properly fitted tie for a young man can be difficult, as well as teaching them how to tie it. Consider starting a young boy out with a clip on tie until he gets used to wearing a tie. Likewise, even many men do not know how to tie their own bowties. Select a quality clip on bowtie and no one will even be able to tell the difference.

For an especially formal evening, additional touches can be included such as suspenders, pocket squares or hankies. Select a pair that matches with the tie or bowtie. Knit ties are also gaining popularity. These uniquely styled ties can be purchased, or for those who know how to knit, using a simple knitting pattern and basic stitches, one of these knit ties can easily be stitched up.

Ties and bowties are a standard gift to give to teenage boys and adult men. However, why not start them out young and give a young boy his first tie or bowtie accessory. Ties and bowties are some of the few items that men have to accessorize with; a unique or colorful tie can be an element of individuality or self-expression.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Spider Web Socks Are Great For All Occasions

There are a lot of different types of spider web socks that can be found on the market today, and there are many reasons why people would want a pair of spider web socks. Find out more information about these socks by reading the rest of this article.

All Sports Socks
Web socks are all sports socks, which means that they are great to wear for sports such as football, soccer and any other sport that requires long socks. These socks are great to wear for sports because not only do they look good, but they are made with material that allows peoples' feet to breathe. If someone plays sports, then they know that there is nothing worse then wearing heavy socks that do not allow their feet to breathe.  No one likes squishy socks!

Other Reasons To Buy Spider Webbed Socks
Sports are not the only reason why people choose to buy spider webbed socks, as there are many other reasons why people buy them. Sometimes people have a dress up party that they want to attend, or they are going to a Halloween party, and they need a pair of socks to compliment their outfit. Socks with spider webs on them are a great addition to any costume, and this is because they come in many different styles and designs, which will be discussed in the next section.


Types Of Spider Web Socks
 One of the most popular styles of spider-webbed socks are black and white webbed patterns. Socks with this pattern are considered to be a classic look, so if people want to have a classic look, then they should get a pair of webbed socks with a black and white pattern. 

Those people who are not a fan of the black and white pattern, may be a fan of the red rock with black web. This style of sock has a little bit more edge to it than the previously discussed sock.

Other designs and styles include red with white webs, royal blue with white web and white socks with royal blue webs. These are just a few of the other types of socks that people can buy. 

If a person is in need of a pair of socks that have an edge to them and go good with many different outfits, and are good for just about any sport or occasion, then people should consider getting a pair of spider-webbed socks.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Choosing a Bow Tie for Your Child

Bow ties have become an increasingly stylish part of fashion in recent years. Due in part thanks to hipsters and basketball players sporting “the nerdy look,” it seems like everyone is now accessorizing with a bow tie. This is especially true for children and young boys. Continue reading for a few pointers in what to look for when purchasing childrens bow ties.

One of the first things to consider when buying childrens bow ties are how easy you think it will be to get it  on your child. If you believe your child will be extremely accommodating and easy when allowing you to tie their tie for them, you can go with a real bow tie that requires being tied. This is even better if your child is eagerly enthusiastic, and desires learning to tie their own bow tie. However, most children may not have the patience to deal with a real bow tie. When this is the case, consider a bow tie that clips on. These are the best type of ties when it comes to young children who may not share the same sense of style as their parents.

The second factor to consider when purchasing a bow tie for your child is what color(s) you should get. Some of the more fashionable styles of bow ties include wild colors and patterns. This is great if your child is trying to make a statement, or if you are a parent who has a bold individualistic style. However, some more conservative parents will prefer a simple bow tie that is one solid color. Either way, you can find a variety of colors, solid and multi, for your child. This choice may be further influenced by when and where your child will be wearing their bow tie. For example, if it is to church or a wedding, something simple and solid would probably work best. But if your child is wearing a bow tie to school or out with friends, one of the more stylish colored bow ties could be a great choice. You will also want to keep in mind other accessories and main colors in the rest of your outfit. A tie can beautifully complement your outfit, but it can also look tacky if the colors do not work well together.

The last factor to consider for your child’s bow tie is the width of the bow. As you begin to look at children’s bow ties, you will notice that the tie width can be found either very thick and wide or quite slim and skinny. These ties look well depending on the type of collar and shirt you are wearing. For example, wider bow ties look great with short-sleeve button-down shirts, while skinner ties look great with skinny dress shirts.

There is certainly a lot to consider when purchasing a bow tie for your child. However, if done properly you can find a stylish and fashionable look to outfit them in. No matter their age, bow ties are becoming popular in a variety of fashions, styles and colors that are sure to fit the look they are going for.

Friday, July 12, 2013

A Gift That Will Be Apreciated

One of the most common methods for someone to declare his membership in a Masonic Order is by wearing a Masonic tie tack. A simple diamond formed by a speed square and compass, traditional mason's tools for centuries, this tie tack advertises to those who recognize the symbol (both members and non-members in the order) that the wearer is showing pride in his association. Made of a base metal with a gold coloring, the tie tack is 5/16" by 3/8" in size, which makes it subtle enough that only those with sharp eyes or who know what they're looking for will be able to catch the reference.

For Casual or Formal Wear

A Masonic tie tack is something that can be worn to more than just Freemason events and gatherings; it's a great accessory for those who are out and about anytime. Whether someone is making a big presentation at work, pitching a new project to a potential sponsor, or just out on the town for cocktails, this tie tack serves both a practical and a decorative purpose, especially if the accents happen to go well with a gold ring, watch or any other accessories one is wearing to complete their power-look.

Identify Yourself and Others

Perhaps one of the greatest uses of this tie tack is that it clearly identifies the wearer as a member and supporter of a Masonic Order. This means that any other individuals who are masons, or who are interested in becoming masons, will be able to tell the wearer is a member. Often a tie tack, ring or other prominent accessory with the freemason symbol on it is a conversation starter, as people are curious to know more about the wearer and his association with the Order of Freemasons. A great gift, and a lovely accessory, one can't go wrong with this particular tack.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Awesome Neckties that Fit Your Style

Whether you're getting ready for a day at the office, want to dress up a somewhat casual outfit, or are preparing for a formal event, awesome neckties can add the finishing touches to your outfit. There are ties out there in a variety of colors, patterns and materials that fit your personal style and make your look instantly more polished.

A leather necktie is both edgy and sophisticated, especially if you choose awesome neckties in neutral colors like black or brown. The ties go great with Italian-cut suits, and add eye-catching texture to a cotton button-down. You can wear a leather tie with a patterned or solid-colored shirt, and ties in jewel tones like burgundy or hunter green look quite distinguished with tan or brown suits.

Silk ties are appropriate for formal occasions, so if you're heading to a wedding or black tie event, look through a selection of awesome neckties in silk to complete your outfit. White or ivory are stunning colors for silk ties, and look crisp and sophisticated against a white dress shirt. Of course, a black necktie, tied in a Windsor knot or ascot-style looks great with a tuxedo or a black suit for a dressy affair like a cocktail party or reception.

Keep in mind that the color of your tie can be the main feature of your outfit, regardless of the material the tie is made from. A hot pink or lime green tie pairs well with a dark or medium gray suit, and deep red or burgundy ties look especially handsome with black suits. White or light gray suits look best with ties in the purple or navy blue family.

If you want to add a little more character to your look, neckties that feature patterns are a great choice. Ties with stripes or chevrons add a subtle bit of attractive fashion to a jean and blazer look, making this outfit appropriate for casual day at work. Or, you can find a patterned tie with a small diamond or floral print to wear to an event where you need to be a little dressed up. Of course, there are also patterned neckties that feature zany prints like cheeseburgers, stars, or lightning bolts. However, these are best reserved for a night out with the guys or a casual family dinner or event.

Right now, slimmer ties seem to be the style of the time.  Skinny ties are available in just about any design you desire.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Three Stooges Christmas Ties Keep the Season Merry!

The 3 Stooges was a great act that started back in 1934 and ran all the way until 1959. It was a series of short films in which the three main characters known as Moe, Larry, and Curly or Moe, Larry, and Shemp did bits of slapstick comedy. There was also a later version of the Stooges that had Moe, Larry and a guy named Joe Besser, sometimes called Curly Joe, but true aficionados of the Stooges choose to ignore that version. The 3 Stooges is one of the most popular TV shows of all time and no show has ever come close to repeating what they did. Their Vaudeville act and amazing comedy routine will always be one of a kind. For this reason and many more, The 3 Stooges has a very large fan base even after being off the air for so long.

There are many, many items with images of the 3 Stooges on them. From cups, to key chains and t shirts it is safe to say people love seeing the 3 Stooges. However one of the best items and most wanted are the 3 Stooges neckties especially the Three Stooges Christmas ties. The Three Stooges Christmas Ties are fun, unexpected and will always get a good laugh.

Holidays should be a fun time, especially Christmas so why not give people an extra laugh by wearing a Christmas tie with three of the funniest TV stars of all time. There are a few different styles of Three Stooges Christmas Ties. Some have Moe, Larry, and Curly on them and some have Moe, Larry, and Shemp on them. On many of the ties, the Three Stooges are wearing Santa hats, or even Santa outfits. Of course, on many of the ties, in true Stooges fashion, they have funny faces or funny poses. 

The Stooges Christmas ties also come in a few different colors. There is red and green to represent Christmas but there are also other colors.

A funny Christmas tie is a great way to add a little fun to a holiday party. One great idea is to suggest everyone wear a funny tie, and maybe even give a top prize to the person with the best tie; such as someone wearing a great Stooges Christmas tie!

The Three Stooges are such a timeless television show that even after having been off the air for years and years, those classic shorts still have a huge following. Three Stooges neckties are a great way to add a little fun to any outfit. Not only will a Stooges Christmas tie get some good laughs, but it is also a great way to keep the Three Stooges around long after they are gone.