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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sport Suspenders? Heck Yeah!

Suspenders have come a long way from just being worn under a suit jacket. Serious athletes as well as weekend warriors wear suspenders for a variety of activities and events. The variety and styles that suspenders come in is nearly unlimited. The following is some interesting information about suspenders, why people love to wear them, and some of the different kinds of sport suspenders that are available.

History of Suspenders
Suspenders have not officially been around that long, with the first ones dating back sometime in the eighteenth century. Because suspenders were thought of as underwear, men switched to wearing primarily belts in the 1930s. Suspenders have only recently made a comeback in the general population.


Why Wear Suspenders?
For starters, athletic suspenders are practical for those involved in a variety of fun activities. Those participating in high action sporting events such as skiing and skateboarding rely on the comfort and dependability of athletic suspenders. There are even specially designed and patented types of suspenders available that have been specifically made for sports such as skiing, skateboarding, and snowboarding. Golfers and bicyclers often wear them while they're swinging, twisting, and turning. Fishermen wear them to keep their pants up when they're reeling in the big catch.

The second reason people wear them is because they are stylish. Suspenders can be worn with a suit and tie or with shorts and a T-shirt. There really isn't an outfit too dressy or casual that a great pair of suspenders couldn't go with.

Types of Suspenders
Sports suspenders come in a wide range of colors, material, and textures. Some are thick, stretchy, and very durable. Others are made of quality leather. Sport suspenders are worn in different ways. There are X suspenders which are shaped like an X on the back, while Y styled suspenders are shaped like a Y on the back. There are those that button into the pants to stay in place. There are suspenders made for women and children. Some of these are made in thinner, lightweight material to make them more comfortable.

Different Styles of Suspenders

Suspenders come in all types of material such as leather, braided leather, nylon web, silk, and a variety of other materials. They are available in different sizes and colors. Perhaps the most interesting are those suspenders that are available in elaborate designs. There are camouflage styled suspenders for hunters. There are suspenders with colors and logos of college and professional sports teams. Athletic suspenders have become as varied and versatile as the people who wear them.


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