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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Skinny Ties - They're Back & Retro Cool

Thin ties for men are have been trending for the last few years. They are retro-cool, as this style was popular back in the 1950s and 1960s. But what makes a tie thin? Thin ties for men are often found in the 2-3 inch width range, but can be found in the 1 inch range as well. These ties are versatile and are fit for any occasion, formal or casual. 

Skinny ties have exploded in popularity in the past few years, especially because Mod fashion has become trendy again. However, thin ties for men are not only for the young and trendy, anyone can wear them and look great! Like all ties, skinny ties come in many colors, patterns and fabrics.

For a formal occasion, one should probably go with a solid black tie, or a simple striped skinny tie. Or, if you want to make a statement, paisley patterns often give off the perfect impression. These look the most professional and have a classic, timeless style. The fabric best for formal occasions is silk. Silk has a soft shine to it, and the perfect texture to go with a nice blazer or suit jacket. Often polyester blends will work for formal occasions as well, although they lack the shine of a silk tie, they often have the texture suited for formal occasions. These kinds of ties are definitely for those that are dressed to impress. However, it is important to note that silk and polyester ties require more care than other kinds of fabric, and do require dry cleaning. They are also not water or weatherproof.


For casual occasions, go with a thin tie made of cotton or wool. These fabrics have the perfect texture for a more casual collared shirt. (Like a flannel collared shirt, or even denim shirts). They also fit a more casual look and go perfect with jeans and tennis shoes. However, cotton ties can look great paired with a collared shirt and sweater: they are simple and stately. It can also be fun to buy casual ties that have a little more flair to them: stripes, plaid, dots, or even checkered. These ties generally require less care than silk or polyester, as wool is weather and waterproof and cotton washes easily. Because of this, wear these kinds of ties for outdoor events. Cotton in the summer, wool in the winter.


Given that they are thin, these are best worn with collared shirts that do not have a wide collar. Wide collared shirts are meant for a bulkier tie that can be tied into a double Windsor knot. Skinny ties are not meant to be tied into a knot that large. Often a square knot or a half-Windsor work best for a skinny tie. The great thing about skinny ties is they can be worn with a tight knot (formal occasions), or slightly loose and undone (casual). 

No matter how a thin tie is worn, it is bound to look sophisticated and trendy.


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