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Monday, June 10, 2013

Rejuvenate Your Wardrobe With Solid Colored Neckties

There you stand, before your closet. Time passes. What will you wear today? Your eyes travel across your collection of well-chosen suits. You have them memorized. They are timeless, classic, and oh, so familiar. And there hang your sport coats. They are perfectly fine, tried and true. You have great shirts, and trousers galore. Jeans, khakis, sweaters, vests. Sigh, something big is missing. It all seems so boring. Face it. Your wardrobe needs a lift and so do you.

Good news! All you need to completely revamp and revitalize your closet is the addition of an easily overlooked accessory, your neckwear. Here are five ways you can completely rejuvenate your ensembles and restore your sartorial splendor with an inspired assortment of solid colored neckties.

1. Keep it in the family

Sometimes you want to stay with a particular color theme. A tone on tone choice lets you add both variety and interest without wandering too far a field. That blue becomes just a little richer, that burgundy just a little deeper. Tonal solid colored neckties are a great way to add interest and distinction without competing with your style.

2. Pick one, Any One

Whether you want to compliment the shades in your herringbone, or tweak the tones in
your tweed, sometimes you want to emphasize one particular color in your outfit. Like
finding the right mat to perfectly frame artwork, the right solid colored tie will pull out precisely the color you want to emphasize, for a totally together result.

3. Go big or go home 

Are you ready to make a statement? Do you have something to say? With a bold,
bright, or nearly-neon jewel tone necktie you can electrify your outfit and your
audience. Keep your plain white shirt and that same grey jacket. You’ll keep them on the edge of their seats with a fiercely hued tie in fuchsia, gold, or turquoise. Capture the room without ever raising your voice.

4. Business Casual?
Nothing to Fear

If the thought of a business casual event fills you with dread, you can rest easy, knowing you’ll be perfectly attired for the occasion. Strike the perfect balance of classy and comfortable with a solid colored knit tie. The fun and fabulous fabric strikes the perfect compromise between classy and comfortable, without compromising your look.

5. Say it in silk

Sometimes the occasion calls for just a little magic. For that “Say, what a beautiful tie” response, nothing will do but silk. Whether you go for a metallic hued tie in gold or silver, or a subtler version in tan or taupe, silk makes a statement all its own. Let your neckwear whisper class, success, and style. Your lips are sealed.

Now then, back to your closet. What will you wear today? Suddenly a world of options and opportunities await you. You have everything you need to tell your personal fashion story. Now, the only question is, of all those wondrous solid colored neckties, which one will you choose?


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