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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Quick - Go Get a Cheetah Tie, You Animal!

If the thought of a solid colored tie, is something that is felt might come across as being a bit outdated, or if a traditional tie, patterned with checkers or with stripes, seems as if it might be considered as being way too common place, or even if you just want to try something that is new, to add a bit of flare, and bring out the wild side of your personality, then maybe it is time for something different, unusual, exciting and wild.


Cheetah ties for men are a very striking option, as an addition to an existing tie collection, or perhaps chosen to begin as a first starter tie. They make a great gift when you just can not think of what to get someone, for their birthday, father's day, anniversary, graduation, successful business venture, or other special occasion. A cheetah print can show an unexpected sense of uniqueness and strength that can make ordinary ties seem weak and pale by comparison. In addition, they are 100% microfiber, so you can rest assured that absolutely no harm came to any animals in the making of your cheetah ties for men. Microfiber is a synthetic material that is not as easy to stain as an actual animal skin would be and is both lightweight and durable. Microfiber is often considered indistinguishable from silk, yet not as expensive and unlike cotton, no pesticides are used for producing synthetic materials.

The ties offered are in different styles to suit most formal attire or even a casual business ensemble that deserves the attention of a hint of animal passion. Styles range from bow ties, as well as the standard style, and a skinny version of the standard tie, in either children's or adult sizes. Clip on versions are available, for all styles in case you find that there is not enough time available to truly manage a proper knot or would rather not deal with the fuss of tying one yourself.

If an accessory to a cheetah tie for men seems difficult to sort out, consider using a matching print embellishment to make sure that it compliments your chosen attire. To assist with this endeavor, there are matching pocket handkerchiefs and cummerbunds in cheetah prints as an option to complete your savvy, jungle motif inspired wardrobe, or to wear individually, if preferred. Cheetah patterned ties are a welcomed companion piece for a solid color dress shirt, in either matching color tones to suit the ties existing colors or contrasting tones that run the opposite direction of the color scheme. Solid colors are not the only option that compliments this safari influenced design, a patterned print can work just as well, for style and fashion are an issue of individual taste.


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