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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fun Neckties? You Betcha! Seriously!

Just as wearing unique socks has become a way for people to express themselves, neckties are increasingly becoming a means of expressing individuality. There are probably as many different neckties available to choose from as there are people wearing them. Fun neckties come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and designs. The following are some examples of the neckties available.

Sports Ties
Just about every sport imaginable can now be found on a tie. Colorfully designed ties featuring race car driving, football, basketball, and golf are available for sports enthusiasts. Even activities like windsurfing and lacrosse are featured on ties. Sports teams, collegiate and professional, have all found a home on fun neckties.

Occupational Ties
Whether someone is a hairdresser, a lawyer, or a school bus driver, proudly showing off a chosen profession has never been easier. There are even neckties reflecting specialty areas within various occupations. There are ties with chemical formulas for chemistry teachers, those with musical notes for music teachers, and the old-fashioned apple and ruler for elementary teachers.

Religious Ties
These ties can be found in all colors and styles. From beautifully designed ties with the cross, to ties with specific Bible verses, there's an excellent variety available. There are other religious ties available, such as Hanukkah neckties.

Special-Shaped Ties
Some of the most unique ties are those that are specially shaped. Guitars, golf bags, and beer bottles can all be worn around the neck in a variety of colors and textures. Even toothbrushes and Christmas trees can be worn as ties.

TV and Movie Ties

What do the Three Stooges, Austin Powers, and Marilyn Monroe all have in common? They can all be found on fun neckties. These types of novelty ties can be found in online and brick and mortar stores across the country.

Tropical Ties
Coconuts, palm trees, and beautiful ocean waves are available on ties. People looking for something fun to wear to the next outdoor wedding or beach party can find a selection of colorful, tropical ties to choose from.

New Baby Ties

For anyone with a new baby to brag about, there are lots of specialty ties to wear. There are ties proclaiming a new baby girl, a baby boy, or just general baby ties.

These are just a few of the types of neckties that are now available. Ties reflecting political affiliation, those featuring favorite foods, and those proudly representing the military are now available. There are even ties for stamp collecting buffs. Whatever someone's passion, occupation, or particular mood may be there is almost certainly a necktie out there for that person to wear.


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