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Friday, June 14, 2013

Extra Long Neckties

In the world of sophistication, neckties play an important role in mens fashion. Not only do their existence matter in an assembly of clothing, but also the necktie's pattern, color, and length. For the most part, a normal tie should pass below the top of the belt by a very small amount. Depending on each individual's height and torso length, the size in which you select your tie will vary while trying to achieve the standard length.

For those of higher heights, undoubtedly finding a proper length tie can be a hassle at times. Fortunately, there are neckties that are made specifically for individuals who have a stature inclined for the game of basketball. They are known as the extra long tie size. And lucky enough, such neckties come in all kinds of colors and patterns just like your regular sizes.

An extra long tie brings completion to a tall man's ensemble. Whether you are dressing for work, for an evening out with a lady, or for a ceremonial gathering, a tie often exists as a finishing touch. More often than not, suit jackets and pants come in neutral colors such as grey, black, or dark navy, and therefore picking a tie with a matching color is no trouble at all. However, a tie can say a lot about a person. A classic, plain black tie usually implies that the wearer is all business and nothing else; a colorful, pastel tie might give away a softer personality; and a tie decorated with Chinese calligraphy might suggest that the individual wearing it has a great appreciation for eastern cultures.

As a tall man shopping exclusively for extra long sized neckties, sometimes you may find that the selection is limited in a standard department store. However, if you do a little online research, you will find that there are entire businesses dedicated to men with torsos requiring an extra long tie. Within these businesses come virtually limitless patterns and designs to fit every dressing preference you may have. The last thing that should decide if a person should look good or not is his or her natural size. Fortunately, a great portion of the apparel selling industry has realized this apparent truth, and therefore has adjusted the sizes carried within their businesses. There are as many dressing options and styles out there for the tall as there is for the short, and as many for the wide as there is for the thin.


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