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Friday, June 28, 2013

Cloth Handkerchiefs - An Old Idea That's New Again

Do you remember the days when men and women carried a fancy handkerchief in their pocket or purse? These days are making a comeback. In order to save money and resources, people are returning to the days when everyone carried handkerchiefs wherever they went. Handkerchiefs are very practical, because they can be washed and then reused. Kleenex, on the other hand, are used once and then thrown away.

People who are eco-friendly like the idea of using handkerchiefs. Disposable Kleenexes end up in the landfill. With handkerchiefs there is no waste, because they are reusable. This advantage appeals to a broad range of ages and personalities.

There are many different styles of handkerchiefs. Some fancy handkerchiefs have intricately embroidered flowers on them. The thread that is used to adorn them may be done in pastels, bright colors, autumn colors or a winter look. This allows the handkerchief to match any outfit you have, and any time of the year. Look for handkerchiefs that are 100% cotton, because they will feel softer against your skin than other fibers, along with being more absorbent.

Fancy handkerchiefs make great wedding gifts. An elegant white handkerchief can be given to the bride on the day of her wedding, when her emotions are running high. A beautiful white handkerchief can make a nice heirloom to be passed down to future brides within the family. The bride may also choose to give a handkerchief to her parents and grandparents in order to dry their “happy tears.”

 Handkerchiefs come in many different colors and styles. Men typically purchase plain white or off white ones. Women, on the other hand, may have multiple ones in a variety of colors or styles. 

Some people decorate rooms in their homes with handkerchiefs. They make an attractive dresser scarf when placed on top of a piece of furniture. It is easy to find handkerchiefs that are embroidered with themes for different seasons. Decorating with handkerchiefs that have a holiday theme makes your home festive at Christmas, Valentines, Easter, the 4th of July, along with other holidays and themes.

Handkerchiefs can be used in the traditional way and serve a useful purpose. When used in place of a Kleenex, they help people with their efforts to “go green”. They can also make great gifts. This is especially true when buying gifts for a wedding party. Additionally, they can be used in non-traditional ways such protecting the top of furniture. Handkerchiefs are an old idea that is new again.


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